PAANDAR 2019: 13 celebrity love stories featured in Magandang Buhay that made us all ‘kilig’!

It seemed to be Valentine’s season all-year round in Magandang Buhay as we’re not only able to delve into the inspiring life anecdotes of our beloved celebrities, but we also found ourselves thrilled upon hearing the love stories some of them willingly divulged.

As 2019 comes to a close, let’s end it in a good note as we take a look back on the 13 real-life tales of love that indeed delivered kilig vibes to our mornings this year through the program.


Hidilyn Diaz & Julius Irvin Naranjo

With her bulky built and the formidable achievements she received throughout her career as a weightlifter, many would probably be get intimidated with Olympian Hidilyn Diaz. However, there’s one man who’s able to look past that aspects of her, none other than her boyfriend of two years Filipino-Japanese Julius Irvin Naranjo.

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According to Hidilyn, they met at the 5th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games (AIMAG) held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan in 2017, wherein she won the silver medal for the women’s weightlifting tournament while Julius represented Guam.

Both having strong personalities, not to mention differences in their language and culture, the couple admitted getting into “lover’s quarrel” sometimes, but that would never change the fact that they’re lucky to have found one another. 

As for Julius, who also serves as her strength and conditioning coach, he’s grateful to have someone like her who understands his culture, challenges him, and sticks by his side through everything. While Hidilyn feels so lucky to have him for he really tries to understand her in spite of how difficult it would be.


Mark Jason Gayon & Mary Joy Renigen

They amazed us with their winning performance in the Dance Sport category of the recently-concluded 30th Southeast Asian Games that was staged here in the Philippines. But unbeknownst to many us, gold medalists Mark Jason Gayon and Mary Joy Renigen are actually a couple and they’ve been together for four years now.

It was their passion for dancing that brought them together during their college days. However, love initially didn’t bloom between them for they used to be in different relationships then and even figured in double dates as well. A year after their breakup with their ex-flames, it was only the time when romance began to flourish between them, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Boom Labrusca & Desiree del Valle

It was indeed a case of “hate at first sight” for Desiree, as she admitted getting irked by Boom’s arrogance on the very first time that she saw him during their Star Circle workshop in the 90s. On the other hand, little did she knew that he actually noticed her then because of her mesmerizing façade and instantly had a crush on her.

A few years after, their paths crossed again as they worked together in the 2004 hit fantaserye Marina, wherein they’re able to get to know each other deeper and romance eventually blossomed between them. Unlike other couples, they veered away from the traditional courtship and went “exclusively dating” instead. They had been dating for six years before tying the knot on January 14, 2018 through an intimate ceremony in California, USA.


Karla Estrada & Jam Ignacio

It was not only King Of Hearts Daniel Padilla whose heart is happy right now, but Queen Mother Karla Estrada as well. After going through a lot of heartbreaks over the years, a knight-in-shining-armor came into her life to save her from being heartbroken and make her happy. And his name is Jam Ignacio.

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Months ago, momshie hosts Jolina Magdangal and Melai Cantiveros initially revealed that the two first met at a gastropub. Their exchange of glances that eventful night ensued to a lovely relationship that nobody had seen coming. They might have differences when it comes to their status and personalities, but they’re still able to make romance impossible for them because of the admirable efforts each of them has been exerting. 


Maja Salvador & Rambo Nuñez

We believe that everyone of us deserves a second chance, so is romance. Just like what happened to Maja Salvador and her beau Rambo Nuñez, who after being separated for nine years were able to rekindle the flame they used to have.

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It can be recalled that it was last February 14 when she first teased about their reunion when she posted a photo on Instagram that showed a bouquet of flowers and a dedication card. According to the The Killer Bride star, their encounter after nine years was purely coincidental as they met in truly unexpected instances and places. It was only in December of last year when their communication became constant and after a few months, they’re back in each other’s arms again.


Geoff Eigenmann & Maya Flores

Just like many couples we know, Geoff and Maya met through work since they used to be under the same management before. It all started when their colleagues, including momshie Jolina, incessantly teased them during one of their pictorials, and he, being a “sucker for singers,” began to make his moves by coming to her gigs. 

They got engaged last April and are currently hands-on parents to their adorable kids Arabella and Augustus. 


Baron Geisler & Jamie Evangelista

Three months prior to their wedding, Baron Geisler and then-fiancee Jamie Evangelista dropped by Magandang Buhay to share their untold love story.

With his rugged and haughty façade, it’s arguably hard to believe that a guy like him is a staunch believer of “love at first sight”. But, that’s really how his relationship with his non-showbiz wife began. They met in a rehabilitation center where she works as a psychologist while he was undergoing therapy for his past addiction. 

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The FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano actor admitted that he immediately got smitten by her beauty and personality, thus, he did everything he could to catch her attention as soon as he graduated. Amidst his undesirable past and the snide remarks hurled at him by people around her, Jamie still chose to look past all those negativities and gave dating him a chance. 

At the same time, Baron also accepted and became very attached to her two sons from her past relationship, treating and loving them as his own. 

Their relationship became official on September 7, 2018 and popped the question early this year. 

Baron Geisler married Jamie in a civil ceremony last September 2019.


Jobert Austria & Tiad Guzman

He might be perceived as someone who doesn’t seem to take anything in life seriously, but comedian Jobert Austria is actually a serious lover, as what was revealed in his and fiancée Tiad Guzman’s interview in Magandang Buhay last July.

It’s seemingly safe to say that their relationship has gone a long way, knowing that they’ve known each other since they were both in fourth grade because they used to be playmates. The Banana Sundae mainstay fondly recalled how he used to wait for her to come out their house for he had a huge crush on her.

Their paths might have gotten separated in 1994 after Tiad had to migrate to Canada, Jobert still found a way for them to keep in touch. He even composed a song for her titled “Langit Na Rin” and sang her songs on-air when he was still working as a disc jockey for a local radio station. Despite the distance and the differing timezones, they were still able to make their friendship, which eventually turned into a romantic affair, flourish. 

Just like every relationship, their love for one another was severely tested as well when Jobert figured in a scandal, which made her decide to call it quits between them. But her strong love for him was powerful as she gave him a second chance after he heeded to her advice for him to undergo rehabilitation. She also made an effort to go back here in the Philippines to take good care of him after his ‘graduation’. At the same time, Jobert also regretted what he had done, apologized to her, and wooed her again. They got engaged in July 2015.


Luis Manzano & Jessy Mendiola

It can be recalled that their relationship was hounded by malicious controversies in the beginning. But throughout their three-year affair, they have proven that nothing or nobody could stop them from being in love towards one another.

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During their Magandang Buhay interview, Luis admitted already getting attracted Jessy when he invited her to attend his birthday party, yet he hadn’t fully invested emotionally to her by that time. The same goes to Jessy, who confessed being terrified then to enter into another relationship, thus, she only treated him as a friend. But his persistence and consistent efforts in pursuing her made her decide to finally give his sweet ‘yes’ and respond ‘I love you, too’ to his innumerable ‘I love yous’.


Adrian Alandy & Joselle Fernandez

There might be a 14-year age gap between them, but that didn’t hinder Adrian Alandy and wife Joselle to develop a strong relationship, which eventually bloomed to a beautiful marriage. 

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According to Joselle, she and Adrian met at a party organized by the gym they both patronize. They were introduced by a common friend of theirs, although she already knew who he is. On the other hand, he admitted that she immediately caught his attention with her mesmerizing beauty.

The Kadenang Ginto actor went on to share a funny story about their first meeting and how it took them a long time before finally going on a date. They tied the knot in February 2017 through an intimate garden wedding in Tagaytay City.


Andi Eigenmann & Philmar Alipayo

Having been into various challenges throughout her three decades of existence, actress Andi Eigenmann is indeed currently living the life along with her daughter Ellie, her partner Philmar Alipayo, and their newborn baby girl named Lilo.

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Their mutual love for surfing was what made their paths intertwine. She admitted being a fan of Philmar, who’s a professional surfer, and recalled having a picture of her taken with him when she met him in Siargao. They eventually became friends and later on as lovers.

They had their daughter Lilo last July and got her baptized last November.


Nonie Buencamino & Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino

With their hectic schedules considering that they’re indeed among the most in-demand veteran actors in the local entertainment scene, it’s indeed delighting that Popshie Nonie and Momshie Shamaine were still to make their marriage last for 29 wonderful years (and counting!).

Since it’s an undeniably difficult feat to achieve, the Magandang Buhay momshies quizzed them about how their beautiful romance began. According to Shamaine, the very first time they met each other was in a play, where they potrayed the roles of husband and wife. They became really, really close friends until their feelings developed and they became a couple, skipping the courtship stage.

She then went to divulge that they consider their nuptials as “community wedding” because it was their colleagues at the theater company they were in who made it possible for them since they didn’t have enough money for it. They also skipped the honeymoon stage, but ascertained to make up for it at present. 

Their life as a married couple might have been tough, but Nonie and Shamaine are able to overcome those and remain happily and strongly married for nearly three decades.


Mitch Talao & Dudz Ibañez

We witnessed their beautiful wedding during Mitch’s stint last year in Pinoy Big Brother Otso as one of the housemates. But it was only through their guesting in Magandang Buhay that we’re able to delve more on their beautiful romance. They enthusiastically narrated how their relationship began with her lesbian partner Dudz being smitten by her beauty at first sight while she initially ignored him, and how it continues to thrive amidst the criticisms and snide comments they hear from other people. Well, there’s no reason for them to get affected with those negativities since they now have the fruit of their love – Baby Eros.

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Just like these celebs, may we all find the right person that the heavens have destined for us to have and to hold and be our constant companion through the ups and downs of life and through thick and thin because that’s going to be the best gift a person would ever receive in his/her whole lifetime.

Happy holidays, Kapamilya!