Magandang Buhay Podcast Nova Villa

Hardworking, caring, and funny, Nova Villa's character in “Can’t Buy Me Love” as Lola Nene brings comfort to many viewers. These endearing qualities also mirror her true self, which she candidly revealed in this episode. Here, the veteran star delved into her illustrious filmography, her life as a wife and mother, and loving DonBelle like her own grandchildren.

It takes passion and purpose to last for six decades in the entertainment industry. For Nova, her longevity stems from her purpose of bringing joy to others through her craft.

And listening to the story of how she got into showbiz, it becomes clear that destiny also played its part. She used to accompany her best friend, the late Nida Blanca, to tapings at ABS-CBN and it was there that she caught the attention of producers. She was offered to play Nida’s sister in a series, which opened a slew of more opportunities and projects.

Among the many sitcoms she’s become part of, one of her favorites is “Home Along The Riles” headlined by the late Comedy King Dolphy and which lasted 13 years on air. She played the effervescent Azon, whose obvious crush on Dolphy’s Kevin provided comedic fodder in the story.

According to the actress, her flirty one-liners were mostly unscripted, as she enjoyed bantering with Dolphy. She’s thankful that he welcomed her on the show despite not considering herself a big star compared to her usual leading ladies.

Meanwhile, the second segment gives us a glimpse of her personal life. If you follow her as Lola Nene in “Can’t Buy Me Love,” you will certainly notice her similarities with her on-screen character. Like Lola Nene, she’s an all-around homemaker and very hands-on in caring for her husband. She added that her daughter migrated to the United States where she completed her studies and eventually got married. Her parents wanted to bring her to States as well, but she chose to stay in the Philippines to pursue a career in showbiz. Last Christmas, her daughter’s family came over to visit.

She then talked about Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, her co-stars in “Can’t Buy Me Love,” expressing nothing but admiration for them. Interestingly, Donny’s grandma, former actress Imelda Ilanan, was also one of Nova’s best friends, so her fondness for him comes as no surprise.  As for Belle, she remarked that she loves the young actress even more in real life than what she portrays in the series.

Nova was also joined by “Can’t Buy Me Love”’s Albie Casino, Karina Bautista, and Gello Marquez. Listen to the full episode of Magandang Buhay The Podcast hosted by Regine Velasquez and Melai Cantiveros, and guest co-host Jodi Sta. Maria.