MOTHER’S DAY 2020: Celebrity momshies slaying motherhood

Wearing the motherhood cape is a beautiful and challenging gift that a woman can receive in her life. It is joy and pain, power and responsibility all rolled into one fulfilling journey. And while raising little humans is a shared experience, it’s still different for every mom out there. To celebrate the diversity of motherhood, here are amazing stories of celebrity momshies as they excel at their most important role in life, in their own different style.  


Rufa Mae Quinto

Raising a smart and sociable child is the goal of Rufa Mae Quinto as she sends daughter, Alexandria Athena, to school at the age of two. While giving Athena an early start in learning, Rufa Mae never forgets to sneak in parental interaction and bonding in the most mundane moments – such as lulling Athena to sleep after a long day from work. Her long-distance relationship with husband Trevor Magallanes sometimes adds up to the hurdles but Athena’s presence bestows her with enough strength. There’s no stopping the funny mom from taking motherhood seriously, after all, she successfully knocks down challenges with her go-lang-nang-go cheerful spirit!


Bianca Gonzalez

Modern times is starting to acknowledge the benefits of building a ‘motherhood village,’ a community that offers intimate connection and support amid the chaos of rearing a child. Bianca Gonzales-Intal, for instance, isn’t scared to glean wisdom of other momshies who have “been there and done that.” Luckily, she’s been able to sustain relationship with fellow moms who pick her up during bad days. “Ang laking bagay na may nakakaalala and nagke-care kasi there are also days na hindi ka okay,” shares Bianca.

It was also through a good friend where Bianca learned the importance of “me time” and “couple time.” While motherhood entails a lot of sacrifices, Bianca reminds us that self-love and marriage intimacy must not be neglected because at the end of the day, kids need a happy mom as well.

Bianca’s parenting style also involves speaking her children’s love language or giving love in specific ways that they need. Since her eldest, Lucia, craves for quality time, simple moments such as playtime at the park can turn into good investment.  


Mariel Rodriguez

Now a mom of two, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla proves that motherhood gets easier in time. Her second pregnancy was lighter that she was able to work and travel along with the growing baby bump. And although, baby number two came as a surprise, Momshie Mariel was more than happy to give Isabella a younger sister-playmate.



Pokwang makes raising healthy kids more fun with her kitchen expertise, saying mothers are accountable for kids’ taste in food. Especially now that her 2-year-old Malia is entering toddlerhood, Pokwang’s hunt for nutritious yet appetizing meals is definitely on.


Sharon Cuneta

While it is normal for mothers to feel anxious when her kids are taking the inevitable steps to independence, Sharon Cuneta lets her children explore the world and meet new people, at the same time, she reminds them to be wise in choosing their friends. The Megastar also teaches her three daughters and son the right balance of being a follower and a leader.

Through her children’s sweet greetings, we came to discover Momshie Sharon’s motherhood principles – be an inspiration and role model to the kids, cultivate and support their passion, sustain open communication, and teach them the value of hard work. Trivia: The Megastar recently discovered that her youngest daughter, Miel, sings closest to her range. And even if Miel was dying to have her own guitar, she chose to settle with the less expensive ukulele, embodying Momshie Sharon’s life lessons on humility and thrift.  


Dimples Romana

Moms are the warmest people on earth that even simple words of appreciation and ‘I love you’ from her kids moved Dimples Romana to tears. And they need pampering, too, like the Dubai escapade Dimples enjoyed as gift from husband, Boyet.

As a parent, Dimples accentuates her children’s positive traits without the materialistic rewards system. The mother of two believes that praises and appreciation are the most effective prizes for a child’s achievement.


Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

A happy mom builds a happy home, thereby, making self-care an essential part of every mother’s to-do-list. And if you’re feeling guilty for sneaking in a little me-time while taking care of the kids, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo explains why you should learn to shake it off. “Don’t be too hard on yourself. You deserve to be taken care of. What you don’t have, you cannot give. So, if you don’t love yourself and don’t take care of yourself, wala rin kayong maibibigay na pagmamahal at pag-aalaga”.

Sharing more of her motherly wisdom, Judy Ann highlights the benefits of sports to children’s development from discipline to confidence to mature perspective about life. Such magnitude led her little football guy, Lucho, to be more assertive of the path he wishes to pursue in the future. 


Regine Angeles



While nothing compares to the bliss and miracle of motherhood, the journey isn’t just all about joy and positivity especially for first-time moms suffering from baby blues. Actress Regine Angeles shares the frustrating feelings – akin to depression – she went through after giving birth. Regine felt anxious being stuck and nursing her baby at home to the point of occasional drama.


Toni Gonzaga

Raised conservatively by her own mom, Toni Gonzaga depicts motherhood as being hands-on and present in her son’s life. She doesn’t wish Seve to grow up nanny-raised, although, she’s grateful for the household help. Toni views motherhood as a lifetime commitment. “Naisip ko, ‘pag wala ako, sinong nagpapatahan sa kanya? I will make it a point na ‘pag umiiyak siya, ako ang magpapahid ng luha niya.” She makes sure to involve her husband in the parenting by creating a fair arrangement; when one of them is at work, the other one must be at home with Seve. 


Roxanne Guinoo



Shortage of motherly sacrifices is not a thing for Roxanne Guinoo who willingly prioritizes parenting over her showbiz career. Now a mother of three, Roxanne is with her kids 24/7. She starts on her duty by prepping them for school until they call it a day.

Momshie Roxanne, a mom of 2 girls and 1 boy, strives to raise her kids in a gender-neutral environment. She doesn’t limit her children in exploring interests and hobbies that are based on gender norms imposed by the society. The trick, according to Roxanne, is to tactfully explain the subject of personal identity in order to avoid confusion. “Para malaman niya na kunwari, ang pari, lalaki lang ‘yun pero ‘pag nag-chef or doctor ka, puwedeng babae o lalaki. ‘Pag pinaglalaro ko siya, I’d tell him, ‘It’s okay. You can play with a girl’s toy but pretend you’re a male doctor. You can play with dolls but pretend that you are the dad or brother.’ Ganu’n ko in-introduce.”   


Ina Raymundo



Ina Raymundo’s momshie management plan involved synchronizing her children’s wake time and night time cycle with the help of the bestselling book, “On Becoming Babywise.” The downside of sleep training, though, is her teenyboppers grew up into completely independent individuals. Moreover, cultural differences between her and foreign husband, Brian Poturnak, aggravates the yin-and-yang struggle in raising their kids. The typical Pinay mom is on the strict side while her husband acts more lenient. Ina’s dilemma teaches us that while parenting is a personal choice, agreeing halfway can benefit both the parents and the kids. “Minsan may mga argument kaming mag-asawa kasi magkaiba kami ng pagpapalaki. So, I tell him, ‘You have to help me. We need to do this together. I can’t be the bad cop while you’re the good one’.”


Aubrey Miles



As a mother, Aubrey Miles is just the right combination of strict and loving and supportive, as revealed by son Maurie. 

Giving birth is a miracle in itself but as a woman navigates through motherhood, she gets to understand how much more beauty life holds. Momshie Aubrey leaves the past behind without regrets, in fact, drawing lessons from her experiences. She knows that everything she went through were necessary to lead her into her true purpose. “Bata pa lang ako, ito na yung wish ko – family.”


Patricia Javier



To seize the moment is Patricia Javier’s motherhood mantra. Childhood phase is short and she’s willing to drop everything just to enjoy the fleeting years.   


Cristalle Belo



Fostering an independent environment is the primary goal of Cristalle Belo, influenced by her husband and mother-in-law’s culture. Cristalle laid the foundation by raising now two-year-old Hunter James into an independent sleeper. And if he wakes up in the middle of the night, Hunter manages to self-soothe and drift off to sleep again.


Jennica Garcia



Momshie Jennica Garcia imposed digital detox upon noticing that prolonged gadget usage led to her child’s poor attention span, lack of interest in creative activities, and decreased productivity at home. The mommy rule turned out effective in the Uytingco household. She says it also pays to be honest with moms of your kid’s peers and warn them about the parenting style you are practicing to make it more effective. 


Lara Quigaman



Even Lara Quigaman used to feel guilty for taking advantage of gadgets’ lure among children. She allowed technology to babysit her eldest Noah for a time while she’s busy tending to her newborn. Until a wake-up call caught her by surprise; Noah started to manifest disturbing behaviour which he probably got from online exposure. Coupled with prayers, Lara cut her son’s gadget usage and re-introduced him to regular toys and the fun life offline. Lara’s experience reminds moms to be discerning and vigilant.





Even if her whole life was spent in showbiz, Jaya is not a pushy mom forcing her kids to take on the same route. She allows her children to chase their own dreams. “No pressure just because I am your mom. You do not need to do what I do. You will do better than me. You will become champions,” the Queen of Soul tells Sabriya and Dylan. Momshie Jaya also makes sure to mold her kids into God-fearing and prayerful individuals.


Kaye Abad



Motherhood and a happy family are two of the greatest blessings in life, and Kaye Abad couldn’t be more grateful for these gifts. She never fails to thank the Lord for a fulfilling life with Paul Jake and son Pio Joaquin. Kaye is perfectly happy with being a full-time mom that she willingly ditched the glitz and glamour of showbiz for a simple domesticated life in Cebu, doing household chores, and going out for groceries or paying the bills and the like. “Hindi ko nire-regret 'yung nagpahinga muna ako sa pag-aartista para mabuo 'yung pamilya na pinapangarap ko.” To double the joy, Kaye and Paul Jake are planning to have another baby soon!


Beauty Gonzalez

Days are hectic especially for working moms like Beauty Gonzales but all thanks to her ‘angels’ at home helping her survive every step of motherhood, after all, it takes a village to raise a child. And while her daughter Olivia is starting to act defiant, Beauty stresses the need to be patient and positive at all times. Beauty is also able to keep her shine, on and off cam, because of her husband’s support and understanding.


Dani Barretto

Days are busy and nights are sleepless for Dani Barretto as she finally joins the club. But, even the most exhausting hours cannot stop her from brimming with excitement at the gift of motherhood. Last December, Dani and husband Xavi together with their newborn daughter Millie celebrated the Christmas as a family for the first time. And they couldn’t hide the giddiness and warmth of finally sharing the season with the greatest miracle they’ve ever received!

As she goes through major changes in her life, Dani realizes that being a mom makes you appreciate your own. “I tell mom, ‘Kung mahal na kita noon pa, mas mahal na kita ngayon so much more’ Naiintindihan ko na,” she muses. Every Sunday, Dani’s little family gathers with her siblings at Marjorie’s house. Everyone takes their attendance seriously because none of them is able to resist Baby Millie’s adorable ways. The lovely Millie suddenly became Dani and Xavi’s universe. “In decision-making, 50-50 kami but si Millie ‘yung focal point. Siya na ‘yung reason sa lahat ng ginagawa namin.”

Motherhood is a dizzying carousel ride. Yet, these celebrity momshies manage to take their lives and homes under control because of their superhero-like strength, grace, wisdom, and positivity. Happy Mother’s Day, momshies!