Melai’s funny ‘hirits’ are pure entertainment gold to Regine

With her naturally wacky ways, Melai Cantiveros is guaranteed to put anyone in a good mood. Among the many fans of her brand of comedy is no less than Regine Velasquez, who can’t help but giggle whenever she drops her effortless one-liners and makes funny faces in their morning talk show, Magandang Buhay.

Recall the times Melai became Regine’s happy pill via this Kapamilya Update video – and get your dose of good vibes, too.

Let’s start off with her hilarious ‘hirit’ during a conversation with celebrity guests Cheska Garcia and Aubrey Miles about parenting. She butted in, “What’s lacking to me is that my daughters is, are… depende sa inyo kung ano ang gusto n'yong gamitin, i-send n'yo lang.” Haha!

She never fails to make people laugh, especially Momshie Regine. In one episode, while Regine was receiving birthday messages from their other co-host Jolina Magdangal, and guest Mikee Cojuangco, Melai, who was listening to the exchange, sobbed real hard. Deadpanned, she asked for tissue, turning the emotional moment into an ‘iyak-tawa’ segment.

The same thing happened in a Christmas episode where she talked about an uncle who passed away and whom she will miss. Then, she realized she was turning emotional like she was the episode’s guest, and balanced the mood with her casual quips. She addressed her late uncle’s wife, “Get well soon kahit wala ka namang sakit.”

We couldn’t leave out the episode where she tried to deliver a news report in front of Ganiel Krishnan, who praised her performance but burst into laughter when she acted stiff. Melai walked around while keeping her shoulders frozen, saying she followed Ganiel’s advice, “Huwag malikot.”

When she read mean comments about her, mostly pointing out that she doesn’t look beautiful on TV, she reacted, “Hindi naman ‘to mean, ah! This is reality!” Regine wanted to defend her friend, but she found the strings of jokes too much to handle she couldn’t even speak.

The Asia’s Songbird was again sent into a world of laughter when Melai asked about the proper eyebrow makeup and described her eyebrows as “lintang busog.” In another episode, Melai hit the mark by mimicking a dragon dance because of the frills on her long-sleeved top.

We also wouldn't forget the time when she took on an acting showdown with Janine Gutierrez, re-enacting the latter’s trending ‘cake scene’ with Francine Diaz in Dirty Linen. Even Regine couldn’t help but add to the hilarity, saying she misheard Melai’s line, “Ma’am Chiara,” as “Monkey-Yara.”

Melai’s hilarity is truly on point and contagious!