Melai Cantiveros celebrates 36th birthday

Surrounded by love and warmth during her surprise birthday party last April 6, the ever-charming momshie Melai Cantiveros sat with MJ Felipe for “On Cue” where she mused about life and looked back on her showbiz journey, which began 15 years ago as a Pinoy Big Brother housemate and eventual Big Winner.

For Melai, turning 36 means yearning for peace of mind as the ultimate gift she could give herself. Challenges are inevitable parts of life, but maturity has taught her the art of handling difficult situations with grace, patience, and respect, especially when her family is involved.

One of the greatest joys of motherhood, Melai shared, is the sense of relief that comes with time. While adjusting to the ever-changing needs of her children, Mela and Stela, she has found her parenting style grounded in love and understanding. As long as her family is healthy and happy, everything else falls into place.

She and husband Jason Francisco are grateful for the stability they have found together. Their partnership has weathered many storms, but they have emerged stronger with a deep understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which they make use of in sustaining teamwork.

A highlight of her 36th birthday was a surprise party organized by Jason and her family and friends from the industry. She was taken aback by the grand gesture, particularly because, as a seasoned figure in showbiz, she no longer anticipates receiving such special surprises.

The “Magandang Buhay” host is grateful, of course, for the surprise and for the continuous stream of opportunities coming her way. Initially, she only intended to try her luck in showbiz for two years and go back to her hometown in General Santos City if showbiz wasn’t for her. But she’s still here, and she only credits God for it, even though she thought her career would falter after getting pregnant with Mela.

No matter what happens, she’s ready to embrace whatever destiny has in store for her. “Anytime naman kung matapos ang career ko, sobrang grateful na ako kay Lord sa binigay Niya na blessings. Hindi naman forever na tayo lang ang anak ni Lord. Marami ring anak si Lord, so pwede rin i-share sa kanila ang blessing,” she stated.

In a nostalgic mood, she reminisced her humble birthday festivities in General Santos City. She remembers coming home to the smell of home-cooked meals. She also shared an amusing anecdote from her 18th birthday party, where she single-handedly organized and hosted the event “para maitawid lang.”

Now, on her 36th birthday, Melai’s wish is simple. She only asks for sustained wisdom, kindness, and respect, “’Yung wala kang nasasaktan na tao kasi ‘yun ang key para mag-succeed.”

As the interview drew to a close, she jestingly expressed her readiness for a third baby, preferably a boy, although she’ll wait until Mela and Stela themselves ask for another sibling.

Whatever may come, Melai faces the future with optimism and contentment.