Magandang Buhay marks first podcast episode with DonBelle’s kilig confessions!

Great news, Momshies! Magandang Buhay hosted by Momshies Jolina Magdangal and Melai Cantiveros with guest co-host Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is now a podcast! For its maiden podcast episode, the hit morning talk show brings us the kilig guesting of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano.

Donny and Belle make us believe that life is not mundane, that in some mystical way, someone as complex can bring magic to our own complexities so we don’t have to feel alone. “Pahinga,” as they would call each other. And if you’d listen to their candid confessions in this audio episode of Magandang Buhay, you’d tell that they truly add a little ‘something’ into their young and busy lives.

Much has been talked about the “He’s Into Her” stars’ similarities in previous interviews. After all, it’s how compatibility is commonly gauged. But DonBelle is something more real that even their differences speak of the comfort and ‘sense of home’ they get from each other.

“’Pag kasama ko siya, nare-recharge ako,”he said. “’Pag kasama ko siya, nakakapagpahinga din ako,” she said. We’d like to call it ‘connection.’ They don’t overthink and complicate the contrasts – she’s a morning person, he’s a night owl; she dislikes some food he craves for; he’s into working out, she rarely does – but rather just work them out perfectly without having the need to change each other. More of their differences and how they deal with them in the episode!

The magic gets more real at one point when DonBelle confessed having told each other “miss you.” You surely wouldn’t want to miss this part!

Nothing makes it even much better than this truth from Belle: “May mga times po na he’s the first one I say ‘good morning’ to and ‘good night’ to.”

And this, from Donny: “It comes to a point na ‘pag nag-e-end ‘yung lock-in, hinahanap ko pa rin siya, eh… Yes, it’s great to start my day when I say ‘good morning’ to you and end it with saying ‘good night.’”

Don’t you think DonBelle are a match – differences, and all? Join the adorable twosome in this podcast!