Magandang Buhay guests share insightful, life-changing advice to viewers

In the past four years, our weekday mornings have gone brighter and exciting as Magandang Buhay never failed to deliver good vibes and inspiration through the moving and relatable life anecdotes divulged by its celebrity guests.

At the same time, it has brought us insightful and thought-provoking pieces of advice about the different aspects of life through the stories, comments, and responses of the guests and momshie-hosts during the interviews.

As we currently observe Lent, the season when we usually reflect on things on a spiritual level, may these life-changing advice we’ve picked up from the morning program help in your transformation to the better version of yourself!

Dr. Ali Gui on spreading happiness

Hindi n’yo kayang magmahal, hindi n’yo kayang magpakita ng pagmamahal, hindi rin kayo marunong mag-share kung hindi n’yo unang mahal ang sarili n’yo. Sa lahat ng dapat, sa lahat ng pagsubok sa buhay, hindi ‘yan para to put you down – they are your steps to be a better you. And if you find a better you inside, you would be a better person to share and to give love to others as well.”

This nugget of wisdom from relational life coach and psychologist Doc Ali Gui, which she got from the impressive answers of comedians Chad Kinis and KaladKaren when asked about their secret on relaying happiness to other people, will always remain relevant as it’s definitely inevitable for us to not go through downtimes at some point in our lives. While we usually look for happiness on other people and material things, she reminded us that it should actually come from ourselves first.

Roxanne Barcelo on love

She might be perceived as someone who seems to not take things seriously because of her bubbly personality, but Roxanne Barcelo has always been sensible in her interviews, such as in her Magandang Buhay guesting.

For sure many of us were able to relate from her who also went through an upsetting break-up. According to her, it’s a must for each one of us to listen to ourselves first since we are the ones who know ourselves more than anyone else. Because once we listen to our instinct and obey what it says, not only our perspective changes, but everything around us as well. She also said that while we wait for the right person to arrive, we should also strive to become the person who we want to be with.

Momshies on motherhood and parenting

Raising kids is undoubtedly the toughest job a person could ever have. But as years went by, it has become extra challenging as more factors arise that greatly affects how parents nowadays discipline their children. Fortunately, clinical psychologist Dr. Honey Carandang was there to enlighten the momshie hosts and guests with regard to nurturing their offspring, especially the young ones.

She advised Momshie Shamcey Supsup-Lee that immediately providing the wants of their kids once they asked for it was still acceptable if they were still a baby (up to one year old), but should start disciplining them when they’re already two or they could already comprehend. On the other hand, she agreed with how Momshie Dimples Romana patiently disciplined her son Alonzo, instead of yelling at him. She underlined that disciplining other people, regardless of age and socio-economic status should be done with utmost respect.

Doc Ali Gui on OFWs

Because of how difficult life is here in the country, many of us are compelled to seek greater opportunities abroad. But before doing that, she advised viewers that it’s highly necessary for us to carefully think about it first and properly communicate it to their family, especially to their children. Besides, parents should involve them in the decision-making and let them feel that they are part of the goal since their cooperation, understanding, and sacrifices are required. It should also be explained to them thoroughly the reason why doing it is indeed a must.

Love Thy Woman stars on women dealing with third parties in relationships

All of us are definitely dreaming of having perfect and happy relationships. Sadly, it doesn’t happen to everyone as there are unforeseen circumstances that will terribly test our bond with our partners, which could cause our complete falling apart. And for the three femme fatales of the afternoon soap opera Love Thy Woman – Ruffa Gutierrez, Sunshine Cruz, and Eula Valdez – it’s dealing with the illicit affairs of their partners.

Thus, each of them offered insightful pieces of advice based on their respective experiences. For Sunshine, she mustered the strength to let go of the person even though she still loved him as she chose to prioritize the welfare of her three daughters than of herself. Meanwhile, Eula recalled being calm as she pondered on the actions she had taken for there’s a probability that it might rebound to her and to also avoid the unpleasant things she might have done. Ruffa, on the other hand, commended both of them for the strength and composure they exuded as they confronted those heart-breaking situations.

Doc Ali Gui on parents in guiding their children regarding friendships

While there are parents out there who tend to let their children depart from them, Magandang Buhay’s resident psychologist Doc Ali Gui stressed that it should not be that way because parents have to be involved in their lives. Doing so, according to her, will allow them to not only fully guide their children, but to grow with them and to make them feel secured, too.

“’Yong mga kaibigan ng mga anak n’yo, kaibigan din ninyo lahat sila e. Kasi kung hindi natin kilalalnin ang mga kaibigan ng mga anak natin, mapapariwara sila. So it’s important, maski may edad, mas younger, o ka-edad nila, dapat naman tayong mga magulang, the way na gabayan natin ang mga anak natin is to really know who their friends are. Listen to what they’re talking about and be involved in their life,” she stated.

Richard Poon and and Maricar Reyes on relationships

Being married for almost seven years, Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon are definitely among the right persons to be asked about relationship tips and advices. According to them, it’s not healthy to hide what you feel from your partner, and at the same time, be sensitive to what the other one feels. Because keeping your communication lines open is the key towards achieving a harmonious relationship.

They also noted that we should appreciate the personality of our significant other, especially when we’re already living under the same roof, since that’s what we admired about them. Plus, it’s actually better if couples possess different traits so that the relationship would be more balanced and to avoid frequent clashes as well.

Boom Labrusca on guys with partners

Arguably, it’s seemed easy for the younger generations to enter and go out of romantic relationships nowadays, as if they’re not taking it seriously. Thus, Boom Labrusca, who’s been happily married to Desiree del Valle for two years now, has a significant advice to young men out there on how to make their affairs last long.

Huwag nyo’ng aawayin ang mga asawa n’yo. ‘Wag n’yong aawayin ang mga girlfriend n’yo. At the end of the day, lagi n’yong titingnan ‘yong nanay n’yo, lalong-lalo sa mga lalaki. D’yan kayo nanggaling. So kung anong respetong binibigay n’yo sa nanay n’yo, dapat ‘yon ang respetong ibibigay n’yo sa mga asawa n’yo kasi napaka-importante n’yan. Kasi kapag pinakasalan n’yo ‘yan, ‘yan ang magdadala ng inyong pangalan,” he stated.

Chinkee Tan on managing expenses

In the fast-paced life we have at the present, living within our means is perceived to be impossible as our expenses tend to increase overtime. Thus, in order to guide us on how to handle our finances, financial and motivational expert Chinkee Tan gave pieces of advice so that it’s still possible for us to save in spite of not having much, giving emphasis on changing one’s lifestyle.

Ang perang ‘di mo nagastos ay dagdag-kita mo. Money not spent is money additionally earned. Hindi mo kailangang patayin ang sarili mo, hindi mo kailangang mangutang, hindi mo kailangang magbenta [o] sangla. I-change mo lang ang lifestyle mo, madagdagan ang kita mo. ‘Pag nagawa mo na lahat, kung talagang walang-wala, doon ka na rumaket, doon ka na magdagdag ng income. Hindi pwedeng dagdag-income, papatayin mo ang sarili mo,” he expounded.

May we consider these insights we gained from the celebrity and expert guests of Magandang Buhay as we take the road towards transformation, not just this Lenten season, but in the coming days as well.