Kaila, BGYO Akira and JL play ‘bukingan’ games with their siblings

Kaila Estrada is the internet’s newest apple of the eye, thanks to her impressive portrayal in "Viral Scandal," "Linlang," and "Can’t Buy Me Love." Meanwhile, BGYO members Akira Morishita and JL Toreliza have ventured into acting as well; currently, they’re the lead stars of "Tabing Ilog The Musical."

Even with their hectic schedules, they make sure to collect endearing memories with their siblings. Kaila, Akira, and JL introduced their siblings in this episode, and you will adore how they’re not scared to act cheesy and funny with them, giving us a glimpse of their heartwarming dynamic.


Their lives could not be more different from ordinary families, as they also fought a lot when they were little. Kaila, who came to the studio with her younger brother Yuan, believes that growing up with different interests helped lessen their fights. And while they would argue a lot as kids, to the point of getting physical, they were also the closest. JL and his younger sister Jewel had a similar ‘bardagulan’ relationship. Meanwhile, Akira and his Ate Jeimi had quite a smoother dynamic since Jeimi acts as the referee for him and their other siblings.

We got to know the guests more as they played the “Sibling Telepathy” game where the goal is to have similar answers to questions about their sibling behavior. Here, we discovered JL and Jewel’s favorite song to sing in the karaoke, Kaila and Yuan’s expressions when startled, and the story behind Akira and Jeimi’s “Minute To Win It” participation.

The ‘momshies’ levelled up the sibling fun by preparing a who’s who game, which doubled as a ‘bukingan’ session for the guests. You’ll be surprised to know who’s the sweeter and clingier sibling and the one who shares more about love life. Plus, they revealed who will likely get married first.

The conversation turned a little bit senti when Jeimi and Jewel shared what they miss about their bros, who spent almost a year training during the pandemic; and how proud they are of them for making their dreams happen as BGYO members. Kaila and Yuan likewise exchanged beautiful compliments as they talked about seeing each other succeed in their chosen fields.

Ready your hearts as the siblings exchange touching thank-you messages and promises in the latter part.  Tune into this episode of Magandang Buhay The Podcast hosted by Regine Velasquez, Jolina Magdangal, and Melai Cantiveros.