Judy Ann as co-host and Lovi as guest join the ‘momshies’ in a fun convo about female instinct

The down-to-earth-superstar energy of Judy Ann Santos is bound to make our mornings more refreshing and meaningful.  Honestly, we can’t wait for all the life lessons and fun she’d bring as guest ku-momshie in Magandang Buhay with Jolina Magdangal and Melai Cantiveros.

For starters, she enjoyed the conversation about female instinct, Korean superstar Kim Soo Hyun, and Piolo Pascual's gorgeous abs with celebrity guest, her fellow A-lister in the acting territory, Lovi Poe.

Famous or not, we all have people to ‘stan.’ Lovi is no exception, bitten by the KDrama bug. Recently, she had the biggest fan girl moment of her life when she met Kim Soo-Hyun. Playing along with netizens’ memes and comments about her fangirling over Kdrama actors, Lovi made it clear: Pumila siya, guys!   

As if proving the power of manifesting, Lovi somewhat achieves her KDrama dream by starring in the Filipino adaptation of the award-winning Korean series Flower of Evil, which she topbills with Piolo.

If an actress is handed the precious chance to become Piolo's leading lady, one of the first things that will most likely pop up in her mind is his six-pack abs – the possibility of gazing at them at close proximity, or touching them if she’s luckier. Admittedly, Lovi had this 'kutob' that she's going to touch Piolo's abs for her first Kapamilya teleserye, so it happened.

And as in ordinary female gatherings, the conversation becomes more exciting when two girls relate to each other. Judy Ann was also asked about working with Piolo and touching his abs, and she was game to provide answers. More of this good vibes-inducing convo in the 'kutob' segment!

Also in the same segment, Lovi's co-stars Rita Avila and Pinky Amador shared their fun and unforgettable experiences about their 'kutob' or female instinct. Thanks to her strong sixth sense, Pinky learned that she was being cheated on by an ex-boyfriend. But there are times when it kind of fails, example, when Rita assumed that the guy everybody shipped her with wasn't really into her. That guy turns out to be Director FM Reyes, her husband.

To cap it off, the guests teased about Flower of Evil, will air this weekend!

Join the Magandang Buhay hosts Jolina, Melai, and Judy Ann with celebrity guest Lovi in this fun-filled podcast!