Iza’s new ‘momshie’ life, plus Jake’s kilig revelation on Magandang Buhay

Yes, a girl and a boy can be BFFs, and such a relationship is very special. Case in point: Iza Calzado and Jake Cuenca, who share an extraordinary platonic bond. In this episode, they reflect on the beautiful things that are blossoming in each other’s lives, such as Iza’s new ‘momshie’ journey and Jake’s “admiration” for actress Chie Filomeno.

At the beginning of the episode, Iza appeared solo and shared the changes in her life since becoming a mom to now-four-month-old Deia Amihan. The newbie momma was noticeably emotional likely due to hormonal changes as well as the pure bliss she feels. If she were to rate her level of happiness, she’d go for 11/10.

Though some parts of her motherhood journey didn’t turn out as expected, such as her inability to exclusively breastfeed her child, Iza has learned to dwell on the bright side. Besides, when she looks at her child, she sees nothing but hope.

The Kapamilya actress shared her favorite activities with Deia Amihan, especially their bath time. The ‘gigil’ was evident in the way she spoke about her daughter’s cute little ways. She then talked about the role her husband, Ben Wintle, plays in her motherhood journey. Apart from Ben, Iza’s support system, called “Mamavengers,” includes her in-laws, friends, and her helpers at home.

We also learned that during her “paglilihi” phase, Iza would often crave the presence and hugs of his good friend, Jake Cuenca, whom she jestingly called “the second father” of her child. Jake entered the studio, and Iza was delighted to see him.

After looking back on how their friendship started, they shared that Jake was going through a difficult season by the time Iza confirmed her pregnancy. And they cared for each other so much, he relied on her while working on their last project. “She was there for me every day, as in, pinupulot niya ako galing sa kama to make it to the set. Hindi ko magagawa ‘yun kung hindi si Iza ‘yung ka-partner ko. Siya nagpapaalala sa akin na kumain,” he vividly remembers how “motherly” she was.

This friendship will warm your hearts, and surely, you will melt by how they wish each other only the best. Jake, when asked how lucky Deia Amihan is to have Iza as a mom, enumerated the actress’ many good qualities.

Things got more exciting when he was prompted to reveal the real score between him and Chie. This made Iza comment, “Kita ko ‘yung kilig sa mata niya.” You know what they say about a person’s eyes – they never lie. And if Iza would choose the right girl for Jake, whom she fondly calls loveteam, all she’d want for him is a girl who will love him wholeheartedly.

Listen to this episode of Magandang Buhay The Podcast hosted by Jolina Magdangal, Melai Cantiveros, and Regine Velasquez.