It’s a reunion party with the Goin’ Bulilit stars on Magandang Buhay

Tuning in to the kiddie gag show Goin’ Bulilit used to be part of every household’s Sunday routine. To call it iconic is an understatement. Not only did the show delivered the most rib-tickling jokes, but its young cast members also shared an adorable chemistry that remains solid to this day.

You know you need this: here’s a Goin’ Bulilit reunion that will bring you nostalgia and good vibes!

Nash Aguas, Sharlene San Pedro, Igi Boy Flores, CJ Navato, and Eliza Pineda reminisced their childhood, which they mostly spent on set, acting out gags and skits. While it’s easy to assume that they were deprived of the typical joys of a little kid due to working young, the Goin’ Bulilit alums assert that they had a healthy work environment where they were taught discipline and professionalism, but at the same time, they were allowed to play. The truth is the set was their playground and they were all playmates.

Their mentors in Goin’ Bulilit helped them a lot with going along with people, which is a vital skill in the entertainment industry. This, along with the other values they’ve picked up as Goin’ Bulilit babies, they still carry to this day. Veterans could vouch that those who are “laking-Goin’ Bulilit” are among the most talented and disciplined people in the industry.

The gang went on to talk about their friendship, which they described as low-key, meaning they think about and care for one another all the time even if they don’t see each other as much. Another admirable thing about their friendship is it never turned into a competition. They feel happy with each other’s achievements.

Proof that Goin’ Bulilit alums are honed to excel is that most of them remain active in showbiz, while the rest are now successful professionals and entrepreneurs. From there, they were asked if Nash’s venture into politics was something they saw coming. You will love Sharlene’s answer, which only prove how close they are! Check out the podcast.

More “bukingan” happened in the episode. CJ confessed that he had a crush on Eliza, while Igi Boy admitted that he used to feel annoyed with Nash’s “angas.”

Join the fun conversation by playing this episode of Magandang Buhay The Podcast, hosted by Regine Velasquez, Jolina Msgdangal, Melai Cantiveros.