How Magandang Buhay guests faced and overcame life struggles and hardships

There’s nothing wrong with being positive and hopeful when faced with hardship. But a lot are mistaken when they romanticize positivity thinking everything will be alright soon without doing something to make the situation better. Things will only get worse if no effort is done to overcome them.

These celebrities, who guested in Magandang Buhay, revealed in their interviews with the momshies how they never took their struggles sitting down. They acted on them, faced their ordeals squarely and found a way to hurdle them, no matter how difficult and perplexing they may be.


Julia Barretto



Looking back on all the ordeals Julia Barretto experienced last year, we can say those challenges have definitely turned her into the strong woman she is now. Her trending birthday post on Instagram said, “In this chapter in my life, I am free,” connoting that she’s free to say anything, to feel whatever she’s feeling, and most importantly, she said, she’s free to love anyone whom she wants to love and anyone who makes her happy.

Julia may have probably faced every problem she has ever imagined. But she overcame all those struggles with the huge help of her family which she calls her very strong support system. Julia shares they’re the people whom she can run to whenever she has problems in all aspects of her life, may it be a problem in her love life or in her career. The presence of her family really helped her deal with her problems, and think and decide properly while she was faced with all those hardships.

What also helped her personally is her faith in God. It helped her believe and never doubt herself despite everything that has come her way. What also made her become even a stronger woman were the principles she lives by. She would always consider and treat her problems like seasons in life, which would always have its end. Even though there was the presence of intrigues created by people whom Julia does not actually give importance and attention to, Julia remained unaffected and strong. No judgment or accusation did in any way let Julia lose her belief in who she really is.


Hashtags Nikko, Zeus, and Jimboy



Hashtag Zeus Collins had to perform roles and responsibilities at a young age that were unexpected of him. He had to stop schooling after his first year in high school because his parents could not support his schooling. As a teenager, he already realized he had to help his parents make both ends meet and began working.

Fellow Hashtag Nikko Natividad, on the other hand, had an unconventional setup with his family. His parents separated when he turned two years old and was left in the care of his aunts and grandmother. He would still have communication with his parents though, but mostly through the phone.

Hashtag Jimboy Martin, meanwhile, also had to take huge responsibilities when he was younger as he needed to earn an income to help support his family. He worked as a service crew and as a junior electrician. He admitted it was during his teenage years that he got to realize his family’s situation. He became more mature in giving more value to his parents’ hard work just to provide for them.

The struggles they encountered prepared them to effectively handle anything life throws at them.


Apey Obera



Pinoy Big Brother Otso housemate Apey Obera experienced a lot of discord with her own family, especially with her mom. This led her to decide to leave their home and live on her own. But that’s the time she realized she would not be able to do it, if not for the help of other people who genuinely offered support and assistance.

When she lived independently, she did all sorts of jobs, from being a house helper and a “pretty karinderya girl” to being a fast food chain crew member. But she strived hard in life, later on became successful in entering PBB, and currently enjoying the best time of her life doing the things she loves to do.





One of the country’s finest and most popular rappers did not reach his current place in this industry if not for the grueling and painstaking hard work and effort he poured in. He gambled a lot in life, even sacrificing his studies just to build a name in the rapping circuit. Gloc-9 would take difficult jobs just to earn a living and support his aspirations. In the nine to ten years of struggle, performing in rap acts, he would soon find his way in the limelight as a solo Star Music artist. He would produce music for OSTs of Star Cinema films, and eventually become a finalist in Himig Handog in 2002, He would then pursue a prolific music career as a singer-rapper-songwriter.


Jeffrey Tam



Jeffrey Tam is one impressive comic artist bringing happiness to many. But for sure most of us do not know the tragedy he experienced when he was younger. His father was killed in an unfortunate incident and this led Jeffrey to much despair. He wished he gained the friendship of his current close pals in showbiz right now so they could have eased his pain. But regardless, he found strength in the love of his family to overcome the grief and find purpose in life, achieving success as an actor-comedian.


Hasna Cabral



PBB Otso’s Hasna Cabral was one of the housemates who exuded a strong personality amidst all the problems that entered her life. Yet, she turns emotional, especially when she was inside the Big Brother house every time she would share stories about her children. Moreover, what added to her pain was her relationship with her ex-husband before entering PBB. It was during that time where things were going wrong between them.

Hasna admitted there was a time where he questioned God over her misfortunes, saying she never did wrong to anyone. But then she would soon be reminded to appreciate life including all the struggles that she was facing. A redeeming factor was her relationship with her daughter, through which God revealed to her that all her ordeals was necessary to become a stronger person and loving single parent.

Struggles are part of life, and everyone, even the celebrities we idolize are not immune to heart-wrenching pain from hurtful episodes in their lives. What’s important is that we learn from them, and use these to become better and stronger versions of ourselves.