DonBelle shares kilig and inspiration in “Magandang Buhay”

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano make up one of the hottest love teams today. The best thing about them is they are not just a ‘kilig’ pair, but more so role models to the youth. In this episode of Magandang Buhay The Podcast, DonBelle talks about their recent achievements, education, and values-oriented views about relationships.

Even though swamped with work since the phenomenal success of He’s Into Her, Donny managed to graduate from college, together with his sisters Hannah and Ella. He said it was a joint effort among them as they would help each other with school requirements.

Donny then mentioned that Belle is now officially enrolled in college as a psychology major. Belle thinks it can be beneficial when playing different characters and emotions as an actress.

It was also Donny who brought up Belle’s historic win as Outstanding Asian Star at Seoul International Drama Awards. In the podcast, Belle talked about her experience gracing the event while Donny was watching live. Check out this portion and you will notice how much they appreciate each other’s work.

Recently, they went on a US concert tour with their fellow Kapamilya artists wherein among the highlights were Donny’s surprise for Belle and just them roaming around during their free time “looking at the horizon and enjoying the music and breeze of San Francisco.” More details in the podcast!

The tandem also invited fans to catch their film “An Inconvenient Love” and, in keeping with the movie’s theme, shared which relationship scenarios they would consider a hassle. First off, Donny mentioned poor communication is a hassle, with Belle adding that having different goals and values smells like trouble, too. 

They were given different situations like being clingy, which they think is okay as long as it’s in moderation. Texting every second is a big no-no for DonBelle, who believes that personal space is necessary for growth, individually and as a couple. Therefore, on the much-debated topic of giving full access to each other’s mobile phones, DonBelle thinks it’s fine but not mandatory. They also prefer fewer celebrations.

You’d be impressed by their level of maturity when asked their take on having different backgrounds or values. DonBelle pressed that having different backgrounds is manageable, with Belle saying, “I don’t think you define a person based on their background but I think it’s based on what you see and how they reflect it to their future.” What’s a hassle, though, is having contrasting values, especially in religion.

If there’s one thing that will never be a hassle, for Donny, it’s being himself in front of Belle, and for the latter, it's being comfortable enough to open up to him.

Join the ‘kilig kwentuhan’ with DonBelle and momshies Regine Velasquez, Jolina Magdangal, and Melai Cantiveros by tuning into the podcast episode.