Magandang Buhay Podcast with Dimples

A mother and child are part of each other, meant to work together like the moon and sun. For Dimples Romana, her children – Callie, Alonzo, and incoming newborn Baby Elio – sculpt her world with light and hope as how she gave life to them.

The glowing ‘momshie’ reflects on all the beautiful changes brought about by motherhood in this Magandang Buhay podcast hosted by Jolina Magdangal, Melai Cantiveros, and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

Dimples shared how her current pregnancy is completely different. The bliss and breeze are reflected in her stunning elements-themed maternity shoot wherein each element represents a new feeling she wanted to relish. Listen to the podcast as Dimples explained what the earth, wind, water, and fire symbolize about her pregnancy.

While carrying a bun in the oven is essentially a herculean task, a good support system makes it less daunting. Dimples is grateful for the extra help and emotional support from her friends aka the ninongs and ninangs. Callie’s Ninang Angel Locsin and Elio’s Ninang Sue Ramirez sent their special message. Viral Scandal star Karina Bautista, Elio’s other godmother, surprised Dimples in the studio.

Dimples has a specific and very sincere reason for choosing Elio’s godparents. And right there then, she proposed to momshies Melai, Jolina, and Regine as the baby’s ninangs!

Dimples’ husband Boyet Ahmee also made a surprise appearance. But what really got the expecting mom emotional was Callie and Alonzo’s short message. Looking back, her pregnancy with Callie was a journey like no other but was something that changed her perspective. Seeing Callie evolve into a determined, strong, and smart young woman, Dimples knows everything was worth it.

“When I got pregnant with Callie and I married young, I was terrified. I was made to believe I couldn’t be a good mom. When you’re young, people have tendencies of looking down on you because you can’t do things. But everytime I look at Callie, I feel I’ve proven everybody wrong… Pag nakikita ko siya, nabubuhay lahat. Callie had given me a future I want to look forward to… Naging mabuti akong ina because of Callie and everytime I look at her, I feel like whatever I have done at work doesn’t compare to the kind of achievement I have done with her,” she said, unable to hold back the tears.

For Dimples, motherhood makes her see life in a new light, and soon that light will become even more tangible with the arrival of Baby Elio, whose name is inspired by Helios, the god of Sun.

Join Dimples’ inspiring convo about motherhood with Melai, Jolina, and Regine in this podcast episode!