All about FranSeth: struggles, sweet confessions and “Dirty Linen”

This episode of Magandang Buhay: The Podcast is loaded with Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin’s revelations about their ‘feelings’ and many more endearing things surrounding their partnership. Be warned, though: You might run out of air in kilig!

As the tandem tackled their past characters Mikoy and Cassie in Kadenang Ginto via “Reel or Real” segment, they were reminded of their roots, of braving hardships early on in pursuit of their dreams. Francine, at that time, would travel to and from the set with the production service and wait for free meals for talents or midnight snacks, which she would bring home to her family.

Their makeup artist RB Chanco joined them in the interview and helped them recount their struggles before fame. They revealed what Seth went through to audition for Pinoy Big Brother Otso. Even at the height of his career, a setback came due to the pandemic. Here, you will also discover the turning point when then-11-year-old Francine realized she must do something to help in her family’s financial woes – and it’s something that will break your heart but make you admire the young actress more.

Francine doesn’t shy away from sharing her struggles, as they are part of her journey. They shaped her into a better version of herself and keep her grounded. The same goes for Seth, but sometimes there are problems they’d better keep to themselves, as they don’t want to burden their parents. All they ask is their trust. Listen to their heartfelt messages to their parents by hitting the play button.

But not all that happened in the past was of pain and struggle. There were also cute moments like when Seth confessed he has a crush on Francine. As the story goes, they were on an airplane when he told her, “Alam mo ba na gusto kita?” Francine laughed it off and she asked why, to which he replied with cheesy lines. Read: “Lumiliwanag ‘yung araw ko ‘pag nakikita kita.” Find out more in the podcast!

They went on to talk about their transition from ‘barkada’ to love team. Admittedly, there’s awkwardness in getting physically sweet in their scenes in Dirty Linen, but since their bond is built on a strong friendship, they manage to talk it out and collaborate with their directors. From there, host Regine Velasquez shared her technique in bringing out ‘kilig’ in her scenes in past movies, which is to find her partner attractive. This isn’t much of a problem to Seth, who candidly admitted, “Naging crush ko nga, eh.” And when it’s Francine’s turn to answer if she also finds him attractive, she answered “yes” and that she’s particularly drawn to his eyes.

Listen to FranSeth’s sweet confessions in this episode of Magandang Buhay: The Podcast hosted by Regine Velasquez, Jolina Magdangal, and Melai Cantiveros.