11 tear-jerking moments of Kapamilya celebs with their momshies on Magandang Buhay

In its three beautiful and successful years on television, Magandang Buhay has been tugging our hearts and bringing us inspiration and information through their in-depth yet amusing interviews with our beloved Kapamilya stars featured in every episode. But among the moving scenes we’ve witnessed in the past years, it was the momshie and anakshie moments that totally made us cry as they reminisce the fun and bad memories they shared together and exchange touching messages that truly pierced our hearts.

Thus, as Mother’s Day nears, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite Kapamilya stars’ tear-jerking moments with their moms on Magandang Buhay.

Karla Estrada and Momshie Thelma

In 2018, the momshie hosts kicked off the year by bestowing special plaques of appreciation to their respective moms.

First off was Karla, who gave her Momshie Thelma the “Most Generous Momshie” award for possessing a magnanimous heart that is capable of understanding unwaveringly and being relentlessly passionate towards her children and grandchildren.

Jolina Magdangal and Momshie Paulette

Next was Jolina, who awarded Momshie Paulette the “Most Supportive Momshie” recognition for being the first person who believed in her capabilities and to whom she could count on always. She went on to declare her huge love for by saying that that if she would be given the chance to choose who she wants as a mom in the afterlife, she would still unhesitatingly pick her.

Melai Cantiveros and Momshie Virgie

Meanwhile, Melai made her Momshie Virgie cry when she gave her the “Unconditional Momshie Love Award” and thanked her for the unwavering love and support she has for her and her siblings and for instilling to them the strong religious faith their Lola Tonya passed on to her.

Momshie Virgie then reminded Momshie Mels to always be grateful for all the blessings she receives, remember how her Lola Tonya had helped her, take care of her children, and pray.

Vice Ganda and Momshie Rosario

Amidst the fame and fortune that he enjoys at the present, it’s indeed delighting to hear the Unkabogable Star refusing to forget who he was in the past and even takes pride in still being called “Tutoy” by his family, especially her Momshie Rosario.

In their guesting together on the show two years ago, the It’s Showtime host read her letter aloud wherein she imparted her disbelief in everything that’s happening to him, her wishes for him, and how he would be her love always and forever. But what tore our hearts was when he stated that he might not be able to muster enough strength to make other people happy once the time will come that he would no longer see the glowing smile of his dearest Nanay.

Leila Alcasid and Momshie Michelle

Momshie Michelle wasn’t able to hold back her tears as she recalled how hard it was for her to bid goodbye to her firstborn as Leila left Australia to fly to the Philippines and chase her dream of becoming an artist. That’s why she’s very much grateful to her ex-husband Ogie Alcasid and his present wife Regine Velasquez for taking care of Leila and attending to her needs while she’s away.

In return, Leila thanked her mom for all the sacrifices she did for their family and hailed her as her best-est bestfriend and idol, to whom she owes whoever she is at the present.

Tony Labrusca and Momshie Angel

The Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa star broke down as he delivered his message of gratitude to his Momshie Angel who, despite having to raise him singlehandedly, showered him with unconditional love and even taught him about self-worth. As a response, Momshie Angel reminded him that she would always be proud of him whether he’s in showbiz or not.

Regine Velasquez and Momshie Teresita

Idol Philippines judge Regine opened her speech by jesting how thankful she is that her Momshie Tessie chooses not to enter in another relationship now that she’s already a widow. But the mood got a bit sappier as the Asia’s Songbird expressed how much she admires Mommy V’s courage and strong persona, particularly in how she handled the demise of their patriarch, Mang Gerry, a few years ago.

Julia Barretto and Momshie Marjorie

Many adore her not just for being a remarkable young actress, but also for being an epitome of beauty and brains and for her impressive wit in interviews, which makes her a real woman with a substance. And all of these she owes to her beautiful Mommy Marjorie. Apart from that, Julia was also thankful that she and her siblings appreciate her efforts and how their mom have raised her to be the woman that she is today.

Zeus Collins and Momshie Ieda

Just like many parents out there who have adult children, Zeus is also being prodded by his Mommy Ieda to find a partner and settle down since he’s the only one in their family who doesn’t have his own family yet. However, just like every other career-oriented kid, getting married isn’t a priority for him at present because he feels that they still need him.

Nonetheless, Mommy Ieda was still grateful for her broods, especially to Zeus, for all the help that they extend to their family despite already having lives of their own.

Maymay Entrata and Momshie Lorna

With all the successes that she currently savors, Momshie Lorna expressed how proud she is to her now that her once far-flung dreams are gradually coming true, thus reminding her to stay humble and to never stop praying. In return, Maymay wasn’t able to hold her emotions as she thanked her mom for giving birth to her and doing a lot of sacrifices in order to provide a comfortable life for their family.

Darren Espanto and Momshie Marinel

Although millions of miles away from each other, Momshie Marinel is still able to unbelievably guide his superstar son Darren in everything that he does in his personal life and professional career. Now that he’s already a grown-up, she admitted being nosy in some aspects of his life since she and his dad wanted him to stay on the right path, and they always remind him that whenever he commit mistakes, he needs to stand up and fight and to keep his strong faith to God.

Watch out for more touching momshie-anakshie moments in the upcoming episodes of Magandang Buhay! Happy Mother’s Day!