15 Celebrities who shared their ‘firsts’ on Magandang Buhay

From first crush to first heartbreak, and first parenting moment to first solo trip, here is a list of unforgettable “firsts” that we heard and witnessed on Magandang Buhay.


Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo



The love story of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo is inarguably written in the stars. But for sure, the King and Queen of Hearts had other ‘wholesome’ crushes before they crossed paths in showbiz. Daniel spilled that his childhood crush was none other than momshie Jolina Magdangal. He was fascinated by Jolina’s ‘uber-kikay’ looks and colorful fashion accessories (oh, those butterfly hair clips!) The host and ‘90s fashion icon wondered if she looked like a keychain in his eyes. Meanwhile, Kathryn revealed that her first crush was a schoolmate and she admired a lot of boys back then. She would like back those crushing on her, thinking that’s how it’s supposed to work. 


Rommel Padilla



For Rommel Padilla, the first time he held son, Daniel Padilla, in his arms will forever be engraved in his heart. It was an encounter so precious and surreal. During that dark season behind bars, Rommel found a new spark of hope and meaning. And a sudden miracle happened a month after, as though the heavens bestowed him a chance to be a father. The ‘astig’ Padilla broke into tears as he looked back on that life-changing moment. 


Janella and Juan Miguel Salvador



The Magandang Buhay set turned into a concert stage where Janella and father, Juan Miguel Salvador performed their first duet on national TV. The singing father-and-daughter duo jammed to “Crusin.” After the performance, Juan Miguel thanked Janella for initiating their reunion and he gave her a heartfelt birthday message. 


Karylle and Yael Yuzon



It’s Showtime host, Karylle, and husband, Yael Yuzon’s first casual meeting was at an Eraserheads concert. But prior to that, fate brought them together at a children’s party in 1980s when she was just a baby and he was still in her mother’s womb. A few more kismet-ushered encounters followed even on social media. Then, finally, with the help of their common friends, Billy Crawford and Paolo Valenciano, the destined hearts got to hang out for real during the MYX Music Awards after-party back in 2010. There was a time when she went to see his band’s performance and for rock stars like Yael, that kind of effort from a girl is a sign of true love. That’s when ‘forever’ started to come off. 


Aiko Melendez



Aiko Melendez was eighteen when she first had a boyfriend and it was none other than Aga Muhlach. In one episode, Aiko revealed that Aga courted her for four years. They officially became a couple on the fourth day of filming “May Minamahal” back in 1993.    


Karla Estrada 



Backed up by anecdotes from best friends Gelli de Belen and Candy Pangilinan, momshie Karla Estrada revealed that she was already pregnant with eldest child, Daniel Padilla, while they’re filming “The Secrets of Sarah Jane.” She only told the ‘secret’ to Gelli and Candy, who both noticed the changes in her mood and body during the latter part of shooting. On the bright side, going through that challenging time fanned Karla’s ‘hugots,’ landing her a Best Supporting Actress nomination.   


Toni Gonzaga 



As a first-time mom, Toni Gonzaga had her own shares of clueless, panic-stricken moments. The I Feel U host said that she freaked out too much over her son’s constipation and other scary scenarios which she later on figured as normal parts of infancy.   

Janice De Belen



Janice De Belen’s first love was none other than Gabby Concepcion. They fell in love while doing the movie “Puppy Love.” Coincidentally, Janice also called the romance as a real-life puppy love because she was only 14 then. The relationship lasted for more than a year. Janice also talked about her first pregnancy. She would admit that she wasn’t ready to be a mom at 18. No one is. But somehow she managed to navigate the unfamiliar journey of motherhood. 


Julia Montes



First solo backpack trip was Julia Montes’ story. She explored the beauty of Bali, Indonesia to breathe and reflect on things. The Kapmilya actress almost didn’t make it as she forgot her passport five minutes before the check-in counter closes. But prayers work! And the trip refreshed Julia’s perspective about things that really matter. 


Jolina Magdangal’s Baby Vika 



Karla Estrada and Melai Cantiveros visited Jolina Magdangal in the hospital after she gave birth to second child, Baby Vika. It was Baby Vika’s first TV appearance. Jolina and husband, Marc Escueta, talked about the adorable changes in eldest child, Pele, as he takes on his little ‘kuya’ duties. 


Zanjoe Marudo  



Zanjoe Marudo experienced his first real heartbreak while he was still a student. The girl he loved left the country, so the distance took their communication away. Zanjoe can’t afford to spend his allowance for long-distance calls, either. In that interview aired in 2017, the Walang Hanggang Paalam actor spilled an admirable reason why he chose to face a recent heartbreak head-on instead of trying to escape from the pain. “Sayang ‘yun, eh. Feelings ‘yun, eh. Baka after nito, masaya na ako. Sayang naman kung hindi ko siya naramdaman.”


Stephen Robles



Growing up fatherless, It’s Showtime dancer Stephen Robles felt an empty gap in her heart, and life. She kept on longing for her dad’s presence, wondering how it felt to have him around. Every year since she was 9, Stephen would wish for their reunion as she blows her birthday cake. Stephen turned emotional during the interview as she talked about her recent first encounter with her estranged father after searching for him online. They would keep in touch after and her father would watch her TV appearances from time to time. 


Kakai Bautista



Before she landed roles in theater productions and entered showbiz, Kakai Bautista’s first job was a wardrobe assistant to no less than Lea Salonga for the musical play “They’re Playing Our Song.” She ironed and washed Lea’s clothes and helped her dress up in the quick-change room for almost 80 shows.  


Dimples Romana



Empowered and confident, Dimples Romana enrolled in a dance class under the G-Force Dance Center. The main goal was to learn how to move like a fearless kontrabida (like how she walked confidently bringing her luggage around in that meme-inducing teaser of Kadenang Ginto). In an episode, Dimples showed off her dance moves in her first ever performance with the G-Force. “No matter how old or how young you are, you can dance,” said Dimples.  

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