Julia on what she learned about relationships: “Magtira sa sarili mo.”

Summer is a time when we can do all sorts of sports and excursions, which is something we all love to do because we enjoy it a lot! However, there are times when we want to just chill inside the house and do indoor activities. And who better to this with than with our two favorite sisters Julia and Dani Barretto and of course along with our cool momshies Melai Cantiveros and Jolina Magdangal. 

Dani recently tied the knot with Xavi Panlilio, something that Julia admitted took her by surprise because Dani, according to Julia, was never really keen on the idea of marriage. “Si Dani hindi talaga naniniwala sa marriage. Super against siya sa marriage. Tapos nung naging sila ng boyfriend niya, biglang nag-change ang lahat. So happy ako na nahanap niya ‘yung true love niya,” Julia narrates.

The Kapamilya star adds that she is also happy that, despite the fact that her sister is now married, they still make an effort to see each other. She shares that she is ready to take on the role of being the ate, now that her sister no longer lives with them. The star also revealed that when they were kids, they were not close; and she even added that she even used to bully Dani. But when the time came that Dani moved out, Julia said she had a hard time dealing with it, but had to accept it eventually.

As for Dani, she personally admitted that marriage was never a priority, but elaborated on why she chose to settle down with her now husband, Xavi. “Nasa tamang tao, I guess. Ang effort niya sa family ko, sobra. Pinagluluto niya ang family ko. At nakita ko na mas comfortable sila (Dani’s family) sa kanya (Xavi).” She adds that she knew that she made the right choice when Julia noticed how much she has changed for the better since she met Xavi.

Julia disclosed however, that as her sister’s wedding date came closer, it was challenging to juggle work being the maid of honor. Although the actress said that on the day of the wedding, she made sure that she tried to make up for lost times and catered to Dani’s needs, especially when Dani felt like fainting. On top of that, she even praised her sister’s wedding and loved how it all turned out. Julia jokingly admitted that to this day she still owes her sister a gift! 

Since the construction of Julia’s home is finally coming to an end, the “Between Maybes” star stressed that it is imperative that she learns how to cook. Julia points out, “Kasi since malapit nang matapos ‘yung house ko, feeling ko kailangan kong matutunan magluto. Siyempre for myself at sa mga magiging future guests ko. So ‘yun ang goal ko this summer.” Momshie Melai and Jolina even teased that they will be one of Julia’s guests once her home is ready, and even pushed for a house tour which Julia, without any hesitation, vehemently agreed to.

When it comes to love, Julia believes that one still has to prioritize one’s self in order to survive. “When you love, you love with your whole heart, pero never lose yourself. Magtira ka para sa sarili mo. Para kung mawala man ‘yan, kaya mo at complete ka pa rin. Buo ka pa rin bilang isang tao,” Julia stressed. 

And Dani’s take on marriage is it’s all about compromising, let alone now that she lives with her husband. “I guess compromise. Kasi may kasama ka na sa bahay na lalaki eh. Kasi kami, I was so used to living with girls, we only have one brother. And my brother, he would normally compromise sa amin. Siya ‘yung nag-aadjust sa amin. So this time iba na, ako na kailangan mag-adjust sa partner ko,” Dani said beaming.

Julia also had words of wisdom for her older sister. She advised her to always communicate well, be patient and understanding with her husband; and put God at the center of their marriage. 

Although, why wait for her house to be finished? The young actress was totally game for a Cook-off Challenge with her sister Dani. But of course, the challenge wouldn’t be complete without the three little cuties Mela, Pele, Jordan, and veteran actress turned celebrity cook Nadia Montenegro, who also joined in. However, the only ones competing against each other were the two siblings, who were paired with Mela and Pele, and had to follow Nadia’s cooking instructions without looking at her.

For the first dish, the two girls were required to cook omelette. Julia was apprehensive at first because it was a dish that she had never cooked before, but she still went through the process like a pro. She didn’t even flinch or get teary-eyed while chopping the onions. “Manhid ako eh!” she said jokingly.

Then for the second dish, the siblings were asked to cook Sinigang! Again, another dish that the girls have never cooked before. Dani disclosed that this was a something that she has always wanted to cook. “I’ve always wanted to learn this!” Dani exclaimed excitedly.

And for the third and final challenge, Dani and Julia were set to cook Adobong Manok! Dani had the advantage since she has cooked it before. While proceeding, a little cooking oil started to spew (talsik) on Julia’s arm, but again, the Kapamilya star continued like a pro. And just like that, all their dishes were a success! 

During the food tasting, everyone seemed to love everything. Dani and Julia were grateful that they now know how to cook new dishes.

Good job, girls! These two siblings are definitely the total package. You gotta love a girl that isn’t just beautiful and talented but one who knows her way around the kitchen!

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