Jane at Jerome, sinagot kung hanggang magkaibigan nga lang ba talaga sila.

On Magandang Buhay May 21 episode, Karla Estrada, Melai Cantiveros and Jolina Magdangal, guests and their escorts, along with Melai’s eldest daughter Mela and Jolina’s son Pele, participated in a mini procession to celebrate Santacruzan. Santacruzan is held in the country during the month of May, and is a religious sagala that Filipinos have carried on for yCharlie Barredoears.


The MB hosts looked stunning, wearing their one of a kind gowns while Ivana, Heaven and Jane carried on that youthful vibe and looked beautiful while sporting their chosen pieces. Their escorts Marco Gallo, Sandino Martin and Jerome Ponce were quite dapper in their attire as well; and of course, Pele and Mela were cute and adorable as always. 


Jane talked about what makes her happy nowadays. Jane said that she currently has a new obsession which is her pug, insinuating that it’s been a while since she’s had a pet. Apart from her dog, Jane is happy with all of the opportunities and blessings that are coming her way. 


When asked if she has already moved on from her last break up, the actress assured the momshies that she has. Jane, however, did not divulge too much on what really caused the break up, and pointed out that she wants to focus on herself, work and her family. She continued on by saying what she has learned a lot from the breakup, “’Yung give and take. Kung pano mo siya nakilala, at kung pano mo siya minahal dapat hindi mo siya i-try na baguhin.” The versatile actress stressed that two people should grow together and be supportive of what they want. Jane emphasized that she doesn’t want to dwell on the past anymore and chooses to look at the positive side of things. And with everything that has transpired, the Los Bastardos star wants to take this as a learning experience and move forward.


Her friend Jerome Ponce also joined her onset and shared that they were friends since they started out in showbiz; and revealed that he was there for Jane during the breakup. He was even straightforward and told her bluntly, “Grabe, martir ka!”. The momshies couldn’t help but ask if he and Jane ever considered dating, and the two vaguely replied that they were just close friends and would casually message each other and go out. Although Jane teasingly stated, “Wala eh, sinayang niyayung chance niya.”