Ian on daughter Dids coming out as lesbian

Acceptance of a daughter’s true self is one touching expression of a father’s love.

Ian Veneracion wholeheartedly showed this when he guested for the first time on Magandang Buhay on Wednesday, March 4, with his only daughter Deirdre or “Dids”. In the interview, Ian said he has fully embraced, supported and accepted Dids, who has since came out as a lesbian.

Ian related that Dids first came out by approaching him in tears and admitted that she “liked girls.” Then he said he responded by saying he had no problem with that and accepts it fully: “Me also, I like girls” he said, leaving Dids in tears.

Ian would tell her to stop being apologetic of what she is, and that she can be “whoever what she wants to be” and she has his full support. “Nakakapanghinayang lang kasi isa lang buhay natin tapos pagnabuhay ka, parang apologetic ka pa, nahihiya ka sa sarili mo, di mo mailabas ang pagkatao mo. What a waste of life,” he said.

Dids narrated that she and her dad would “do everything together, such as paragliding and sailing, and other hobbies and interests.

Catch more of Ian’s moving and touching interview with his daughter Dids in this video.