Barbie sa pagiging single: “Mas na-eenjoy ko po siya ngayon.”

Magandang Buhay welcomed Barbie Imperial and her mother Bing on its May 14 episode. 

Though Momshie Bing raised Barbie singlehandedly, she clarified that she has no ill feelings towards her ex-husband and added that they have no bad blood between them. 

The Kapamilya star admitted that it was not a bed of roses growing up without a father and it felt incomplete at times. Barbie stressed that she tried to be neutral and has already forgiven her father for his shortcomings. 

Mommy Bing said that she hopes that her daughter remains open with her and that they maintain their closeness, no matter what happens. “Halimbawa, kahit magkaasawa na siya, sana ganun’ pa rin ‘yung parating update-update. Or kaya kung magkaroon ng boyfriend dapat open, ‘wag na magtago,” she stated. 

On the Barbie’s part, she said she would try to be at her best always. She stressed that when people would try to bring her down, she would remember her family; and continued by saying that it’s because of them that she keeps going. “Kapag may mga taong hinihila ako pababa, iniisip ko lang sila mama palagi,” she pointed out.

Vina Morales guested on the show and said that she is proud and happy that her PHR Presents Araw Gabi co-star has been blessed with a lot of projects. The Kapamillya singer admitted that there were instances when the young actress would open up to her about her love life, and she would reciprocate by giving Barbie pieces of advice. “Siyempre at her age, gusto niyang makarinig ng mga advice, pieces of advice, from me na medyo marami na ring pinagdaanan sa lovelife at sa buhay,” she explained. 

She narrated that there were times when her and Barbie were working together, and she could see that her friend was at her lowest point. Vina emphasized that at the end of the day, she understands that its Barbie’s decision, but also advised her to enjoy life and assured her more suitors will come. She continued by saying, “focus on your career, ‘wag muna ‘yung love life.” 

And with that Barbie was thankful for Vina’s friendship, something that she said never expected from ‘a Vina Morales’.