PAANDAR 2018: Celebrities whose generosity touched us on Magandang Buhay

While we are bedazzled by the way celebrities and artists exude themselves on screen, little do we know about the more personal, acts of kindness and generosity they give, especially to those who are close to them.

Through the course of the year, Magandang Buhay revealed such bigheartedness among their guests and we are so enthralled with the way it affected their family, friends and loved ones.

First is multi-awarded actress Sylvia Sanchez, whose personal assistant ‘Menggay’ surprised her with a simple yet meaningful gift. It was a picture of Menggay’s house, which she acquired with Sylvia’s help. Beside the picture of the house is a message card, in which Menggay’s mother wrote a sweet short message in gratitude of Sylvia’s kind heart.

Meanwhile, when Jolina Magdangal had her birthday celebration in the show, her driver Kuya Orly expressed his deepest gratitude for making his and his family’s life better since he started working for her. Be it his children’s education or even the house they live in now, Kuya Orly said Momshie Jolina has always been there to help in every aspect of his family’s life.

Richard Gutierrez, on the other hand, may appear snooty and highbrow. But in one Magandang Buhay episode, his co-actor and comedian Eric Nicolas testified about Richard’s generous heart. Eric shared that Richard gave him a pair of shoes without even asking for it, and also shared how gentleman Richard is to his soon-to-be-wife Sarah Lahbati.

With all the evidence seen on television and on social media, crowned Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is one generous and compassionate woman. Mark Soriano, a representative from Young Focus Organization, an NGO seeking to uplift the lives of impoverished children in Tondo, Manila, shared how Catriona helps their cause for a long time now. Providing education through teaching and being a spokesperson to raise funds for them are just some of Catriona’s noble acts for them.

Seen on screen as an energetic and witty comedian, Pooh might come to us as merely flippant and jesting. But in Magandang Buhay, his friend and co-actor Enchong Dee revealed that he more than makes people laugh. He also has a golden heart. Enchong shared how Pooh made an impact on him when he once realized that Pooh’s happiness comes from feeding the children who live on the streets.

Last on our list is the dance royalty Maja Salvador. While we may think that Maja is just another great performer, Maja also has a kind and thoughtful heart. According to close friend and comedian Pooh, Maja would provide all their costumes in their shows abroad.

Like these celebrities, let us continue to spread the love by being generous in every possible way.