Funniest moments and stories in Magandang Buhay that perk up our mornings

While we mostly get those profound life lessons from celebrity guests on Magandang Buhay, momshies Karla Estrada, Melai Cantiveros and Jolina Magdangal treat us to some of the funniest moments and stories that perk up our mornings.

Melai’s on the spot audition to be a MYX VJ

Having MYX VJ’s Robi Domingo and Ai Dela Cruz on the show, momshie Melai shared how much she loves the music channel and opens up about her dreams to become a MYX VJ. With that, the Magandang Buhay host tried to prove her video jockey skills. Even though she failed to outdo the the two MYX VJs, momshie Melai clearly had fun doing it.

Karla becomes emotional

We notice momshie Karla turning deeply emotional and crying unabashedly as momshie Melai and guest co-host Kim Chiu try to console and sympathize with her terrible loss. We then see the reason behind her unspeakable grief.

Melai imitates flight attendants

Because riding an airplane is one of the scariest moments for momshie Melai, she tells us that she always listen closely to the safety reminders demonstrated by the flight attendants inside the plane. To prove us that she seriously takes note of it, the host tried to imitate FAs when the Tawag Ng Tanghalan singer Anton Antenocruz, who is also a professional steward, guested on the show.

Gonzaga sisters’ stories about Mommy Pinty’s way of disciplining them

Guilty having playful personalities, Toni and Alex Gonzaga revealed how their mommy Pinty disciplines them, especially when they were annoying, hyperactive kids. They disclosed that their mom has unique ways of disciplining them discreetly whenever they are in public places.

Gonzaga sisters’ stories about Mommy Pinty’s stages of anger

Toni and Alex Gonzaga also tells us about the different levels of their mother’s anger. Based on their observation, the Gonzaga sisters divulged that their mommy Pinty would give in succession: The Dagger Look, The Mouthing Stage, The Pointing Finger and the Modulation Stage. Toni and Alex would thus know how to handle the wrath of their mommy Pinty.

Melai’s story about her teeth

Getting into the topic about her teeth, momshie Melai revealed an interesting story about why one of her teeth got very thin. She said she once tried to slide into a swimming pool with her husband Jason and their firstborn. But because of the impact, her teeth crashed onto something and broke. Painful as it is, Melai still happily remembers that moment because of the fun she had with her family.

Melai and Jolina’s funny, spooky moment with Charo Santos Concio

As they talk about how successful the horror film “Eerie” has been, lead stars of the movie namely Bea Alonzo and Charo Santos Concio steeply scared momshies Melai and Jolina about feeling some ghosts in the show. The MB hosts were frightened yet in the end, they realized that there is actually nothing to be terrified.

Catch more fun moments on Magandang Buhay, weekday mornings after Umagang Kay Ganda.