Endearing celebrity love stories revealed on Magandang Buhay

Magandang Buhay has always inspired us with the most beautiful stories about life. It is where we get to know the most famous celebrities and get a glimpse of who they truly are behind the cameras. Apart from stories about their childhood, their current family life and their journeys in the industry, the celebrities’ love story is one of the most exciting stories told in the show.

As we celebrate the love month, let us look back on some of the sweetest and the most amazing love stories that got us swooning with so much love on Magandang Buhay.

Mariel & Robin

Separately, It’s Showtime host Mariel Rodriguez and seasoned actor and action icon Robin Padilla guested on

the show, wherein the two shared their love story on their own perspectives. While Robin jestingly said that Mariel courted him, Mariel told us that she first knew Robin liked her before she even had feelings for him. When they were co-hosts in the noontime show Pilipinas Win Na Win and shipped by everyone as a romantic pair, sparks flew for Mariel and Robin, eventually finding their forever in each other and tying the knot in 2010. They now share a blissful life with their daughter, Maria Isabella.

Charlene & Aga

Ever heard of a showbiz couple who skipped being paired onscreen, romantically together off screen, and became engaged right away? Well, it was exactly the case for beauty queen/actress Charlene Gonzales and multi-awarded actor Aga Muhlach. Speaking to the Magandang Buhay momshies, Aga revealed that he and Charlene were officially a couple only after Charlene said yes to Aga’s spontaneous marriage proposal while they were taping a show in Singapore. He didn’t even have a ring when he popped the question! But they had been close friends for a long time and they both knew that were meant for each other. Charlene and Aga got married in 2001, and lovingly brought to this world their beautiful twins, Atasha and Andres, who are about to turn 18 this year.

Lucy & Richard

Like Aga, Richard Gomez also knew that the woman he would marry and be with until his dying breath. Last December 2018, Richard shared that when he saw the kind and loving, family oriented personality of Lucy Torres, he already knew that she is the one for him. After they were first introduced to each other for a shampoo commercial, Richard befriended Lucy and paid a visit to Lucy’s family. Seeing the harmonious relationship in Lucy’s family, Richard told himself: “this is the kind of family that I want”. Eventually, Richard married Lucy in 1998. In 2000, their only daughter Juliana was born.

Maxene & Rob

In her story, Playhouse star Maxene Magalona testifies that “slow mo’s” in movies truly happens in real life. When she first saw Robby Mananquil who was a guitarist for the local band Pulso during a gig, Maxene said she can vividly remember a “slo-mo” moment in her first gaze at Robby, as if everything slowed down and her eyes trained only on him under a spotlight as the band played on. Admittedly, Maxene said, she already had a crush on Robby and since that encounter, she had “stalked” on him. While they did not meet during that gig, they would connect on social media months later with Robby divulging during their exchanges that he too was enamored by her charms when he saw her in the crowd that night. They would soon fall in love and become a couple, walking down the aisle in January 2018.

Arci & Anton

Friendship is indeed a solid foundation for a relationship and this is what the gorgeous rocker Arci Muñoz and her boyfriend businessman Anthony Ng proved us in their story. When they were first introduced to each other through a common friend, Arci and Anton were really just friends because Arci was in a relationship with another guy. Nevertheless, Anton became one of Arci’s closest friends. When Arci’s father passed away, Anton never left her side in sharing her grief and consoling her. And, after Arci’s relationship with her former boyfriend didn’t work out, love eventually found its way into their hearts. Now, the two of them are one of the sweetest couples who continue to surprise us with how they boldly express their love for each other!

Alex & Mikee

As we all can see, PBB Otso host Alex Gonzaga and her boyfriend Mikee Morada prove that opposites really do attract. While Alex is a carefree, high-spirited lady, Mikee is a shy type of guy. Together, Alex and Mikee shared their cute love story saying that it all started when the ultimate heartthrob Piolo Pascual willingly played cupid for the two of them. Still, Alex and Mikee’s first conversation and first meet wasn’t quite cordial. But even though Alex made it hard for him, Mikee really pursued her the best he can. After he patiently courted Alex, Mikee eventually got her yes and they are now officially in a relationship for two years. Being on the right age and knowing that they truly are meant for each other, Alex and Mikee both stated recently that they will soon be ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Moira & Jason

Dawn & Anton

Finally, the ever-beautiful Dawn Zulueta shared that her husband and former Davao del Norte congressman Anton Lagdameo admittedly had many girlfriends in the past before they became a couple. Although Dawn doesn’t remember this, Anton told her that they already met each other when she was 16 years old. They met again in her 20’s when Dawn was already an actress because both had common friends then. Having a busy schedule as an artist, Dawn shared that took precious time to know Anton more and loved what she saw. And when Dawn and Anton became officially together, Dawn revealed that she since had limitations in her roles as an actress because Anton was a bit jealous when he sees other men beside her on screen. In 1997, Dawn and Anton got married and now have two children named Ayisha Madlen and Jacobo Antonio.

Indeed, we find and celebrate love in our own special way.