5 Reasons Why “Magandang Buhay” is a Must-See
When Magandang Buhay was conceived to replace Kris TV on its precious daily morning time slot, a lot were skeptical if it would make the grade in drawing the same audience Kris Aquino had in its lofty run that ended in the summer due to the Queen of All Media’s sabbatical.

It turns out, the lively, good vibes talk show went beyond expectations and truly struck a chord with viewers as it consistently maintained high ratings and trended on social media since its debut on April 18.

What is this morning talk show’s compelling elements or ingredients to make it really a good watch?

1) Hosts are genuinely good natured and engaging

While the combination of Karla Estrada, Melai Cantiveros and Jolina Magdangal seem odd at first, they have since become effective talk show hosts, not only asking the right and pertinent questions to their guests, but also engaging with them wholeheartedly. This is due to their wonderful chemistry despite their distinct personalities and good-naturedness that goes beyond a prepared script.

2) Relatable stories from guests

When guests are featured on the show, they are not that far to reach on a pedestal—with all the adulation, heaping praise on their talents, achievements. They speak about personal stories, dreams, interests, and activities we all identify with. We were just enamored when Daniel Padilla talked about intimacy and longing for his “first love”, Kathryn Bernardo at any given moment. We were also touched with how KC Concepcion bonds with half-sisters Frankie and Miel and share true sibling love. And, how a happily married Richard Yap advises a now single Jodi Sta. Maria on how to find true love. Indeed, our eyes and ears are just glued.

3) It has been fun since Day 1

The festive atmosphere, exuberance in everyone’s faces, not to mention the hosts’ wit and humor have made watching the show each day a pleasure. The mood adds to the appeal of the show and contributes to effectively delivering its message to the audience.

4) Guests are “naked”

Who couldn’t resist a talk show where guests are seen as “naked” as they can be, showing their true selves and answer candidly to even the most probing questions. Vice Ganda, for one, made a slew of startling revelations when he appeared as a guest, particularly his simple roots, how they made a living selling rags, and how his father was murdered by an assailant who is still at large.

5) As the title declares, it’s about achieving the good life

More than what any morning TV program or talk show can offer, Magandang Buhay is genuinely what its title suggests: Learning valuable lessons to achieve a good life. The show had presented those incredible, riveting, sometimes shocking truths about what its celebrity guests had gone through to enhance, empower and enrich the lives of those who watched. This was evident in the episode Karla’s ex-partner Rommel Padilla appeared and proved they still shared the “good life” of being there for their son, Daniel.

Definitely, Magandang Buhay not only revs up your morning, it enriches you with the inspiration you need to go about your day.