Two years of touching letters that leave celebrities in tears on Magandang Buhay (Part 2)


Nothing else could bring much joy, yet leave you in tears, than a touching letter from a loved one.


For two years, Magandang Buhay made it a point to have its celebrity guests read letters from their parents, siblings, spouses, children, romantic partners, and even close friends that really tug the heart. It leaves them grounded, become sentimental with all the memories they had with them, and confirm and substantiate how much they love them and how important they are in their lives.


And we as viewers learn that even if they had become so successful and popular, these celebrities don’t forget what’s essential—the bond of family, friendship, and love is all that matters to them.




We are so giddy and kilig to see how celebrity couples show their sweetness on air, such as Ryza Cenon who said she hopes her beau Cholo Barretto, who sent her a heartwarming letter, is the “one.”



And Elmo Magalona telling all of us that Janella Salvador brings out the “best” in him.



Maricar Reyes and Maricar de Mesa, meanwhile, disclose how much their husbands inspire and love them as they read touching letters from them.



While Arci Munoz is left to tears as she read a letter from her beau telling her how much he appreciates how genuine, loving and generous she is.



And Toni Gonzaga being so moved reading husband Paul Soriano’s letter expressing how much he appreciates witnessing her being an “amazing mom” to Seve.


Even in the age of social media and innovations in digital communications, nothing beats reading a handwritten letter from your loved one. It so touches you deeply and leaves an indelible mark in your heart. Magandang Buhay recognizes this value and has time and again made their guests feel at home and genuinely loved by the people who matter in their lives.


Two years of touching letters that leave celebrities in tears on Magandang Buhay (Part 3)

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