9 Precious Life Lessons from “Magandang Buhay” #POTDs

Apart from imparting us inspiring stories, exhilarating adventures, and unknown sides of our favorite celebrities, Magandang Buhay has also been providing us our daily servings of enlightening #POTDs or Pulots of the Day from the three momshie hosts – Karla Estrada, Joilna Magdangal, and Melai Cantiveros. Here are nine truly valuable life lessons from our momshies that we can apply and instill in our lives to really achieve a “Magandang Buhay.”


1. Love your work

During their Bulacan sojourn, the three momshies met Ka Pasky, the head machine operator of Sta. Maria Dairy Farm. He revealed his journey from being a janitor up to his current job as he demonstrated how to prepare fresh chocolate milk. For Momshie Karla, he is indeed a good example. “Mahalin mo trabaho mo, magsipag ka at mangarap ka pa dahil talagang ibibigay sa’yo,” she remarked.

2. Education is key

Momshie Karla emphasizes the importance of education over a prosperous career and how it remains as the ultimate key to a better life.

3. Remember what your parents first taught you

Momshie Karla felt glad about how focused and determined their kiddie guests are on their craft and in helping their parents. Thus, she remarked that our parents’ first teachings are very important as they guide their children throughout their lives.


4. Don’t be too selfless

Momshie Melai related what she picked up from Ogie Diaz and Aiko Melendes’ friendship, “Magtira ka sa sarili mo para may maibigay ka pa sa iba”, indicating the importance of self-worth in a relationship.

5. Show the real you

What you see is what you get—Momshie Melai never fails to show who she really is on and off cam. She reminds us to always to get real whatever it takes without hurting others.

6. Explore life

Even in the face of heartbreaks, difficulties, and ordeals, Momshie Melai encourages us to shrug those off and not allow such from exploring life and searching for genuine happiness.


7. Do not rush

No one should rush into a lifetime commitment, such as raising a family. Momshie Jolina encourages everyone to become “stable” first before even considering to settle down and have children.

8. Respect is essential

In any relationship, may it be with loved ones, close friends or associates, even friendly acquaintances, respect is the most important ingredient to an everlasting and intimate bond, according to Momshie Jolina.

9. Be grateful to your parents

This could be one of the most emotional POTDs so far as Momshie Jolina wasn’t able to contain her emotions while sharing what she learned from her Mommy Paulette and Daddy Jun. She tearfully thanked her parents for all those life lessons, which she now appreciates more, having her own family.

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