5 showbiz dads share fatherhood journeys in Magandang Buhay

They may not surpass the pain and difficulties mothers have gone through during pregnancy up to giving birth and in keeping our homes, but their sacrifices and perseverance just to support our families and provide us the best things in life are highly laudable.

As we celebrate and extol the greatness and life of our patriarchs this coming Father’s Day, let’s look back on the inspirational stories of five celebrity dads during their guesting in Magandang Buhay.


Vhong Navarro

Apart from being a great dancer, witty host, and good actor idolized by many, Popshie Vhong is also a doting father for Fredriek and Yce. They look up to him as their friend who knows when they have problems, supports them unconditionally, and doesn’t hesitate to give them advices, especially on love, despite not being too open to him. Being a natural comedian, Vhong even comically exposed the romantic lives of his sons.

When it comes to love, Yce imparted the most remarkable advice their dad has given him, “Okay lang magmahal nang sobra, pero huwag ‘yong sobra na sa point na wala ng pagmamahal para sa sarili mo. Kailangan mong magtira ng pagmamahal para sa sarili mo.”


Ogie Alcasid

He does not only make us sentimental in every music he creates, but in the hearty message he dedicated to his beloved daughter Leila as well. Popshie Ogie got very emotional while telling her how happy and full his heart is now that they’re together.

“I want you to know that even if you fail or succeed, I want you to know that I will always be proud of you because I can see how determined you are. I can see how much you want to do this,” the OPM singer tearfully said.

Just like other fathers, he also reminded Leila not to have boyfriend too soon, don’t forget her studies, and go for her dreams.


Marvin Agustin

Juggling his life between work and family seems tough, but former matinee idol-turned-restaurateur Marvin Agustin, who now runs various restaurants while raising his 11-year-old twins Santiago and Sebastian, takes it easy. According to him, their favorite bonding activities are golf, eating, cooking, swimming, and talking with each other. Since his second appearance in the show was also his birthday, he also imparted his sons’ birthday messages for him.

“More than anything na gusto kong maging sila professionally, gusto ko sila, in their personal lives, maging masaya at mabuting tao,” Popshie Marvin said when asked regarding his aspirations for his children.


Rommel Padilla

Despite their break up, Momshie Karla is still happy and thankful that Popshie Rommel has remained to be a good father for their son Teen King Daniel Padilla. He also revealed that although he was not present during the early years of Daniel, she visited him and even gave him the chance to be a father for their child.

When asked on how proud he is of Daniel continuous rise to stardom, it’s immeasurable.

“Rock n’ roll lang. ‘Yon lang. Una ang Diyos, pamilya, at ang mga taong mahal natin,” Popshie Rommel’s advice for DJ (Daniel’s nickname).


Gary Valenciano

We all know him as the “Pure Energy” who exerts all of his talent and power everytime he performs. But Gary Valenciano also radiates that impeccable energy to his loving and talented family.

His youngest and only daughter Kiana described him as a father who is not so strict, very supportive, and to whom she can be open with, even about boys.

Popshie Gary also denied spoiling her but confessed that he’s not ready yet when the time comes that their unica hija will be the one to walk down the aisle someday.

Being the sturdy wall that supports and protects the family is really a tough job. They should be the last one to crumble or surrender in times of great adversities and should lead the whole family towards a good life. When we were still younger, we look up to them as our very own heroes who we thought can also do anything that our favorite comic superheroes can do. But as we mature, we realize that they also have weaknesses and they grow old too. Thus, it’s significant that we should not only celebrate the life of our beloved fathers once a year, but everyday. Happy Father’s Day!