Adorable and cute babies brighten our day on “Magandang Buhay”

Nothing else can make mornings so wonderful and endearing than seeing an adorable and cute baby after you wake up.

It definitely brightens up your day and leaves you with enough joy and affirmation as you set out in your daily grind.

This is why seeing these bundles of joy of our Momshies makes Magandang Buhay a must-see to really achieve that good life during the course of the day.

Let’s marvel at the innocent cuteness, even their innate talents, as these babies take the spotlight.

Baby Amarah

Cristine Reyes and Ali Khatibi’s princess surely knows when to say hooray, and this shows how much of a happy kid she is. Baby Amarah really has joy written all over her face.

Baby Mela

The sight of Baby Mela and her dad Jason Francisco entering the set truly brought tears of joy not only on Momshie Melai and fellow Momshies Karla and Jolina but also everyone who watched, as this lovable family had overcome its greatest ordeals.

Baby Pele

This was something for the books. Baby Pele truly has proven he is definitely a chip off the old block, as he played “backup drums” to a Rivermaya performance, with his dad Mark Escueta, the band’s original drummer, now fronting the legendary Pinoy band. His Momshie Jolina was movingly delighted.

Baby Marley

She’s so lively and charming, Baby Marley’s sunshine cuteness really brings smiles to everyone’s faces. As she appeared on the show with dad Matt Evans and brother Hayden, Baby Marley just enamored and captivated everyone.

Baby Athalia

Her smile truly shines up your morning and even make you giddy as Baby Athalia’s cuteness really brought the house down as she took the limelight on the show. With Momshie Empress Schuck and dad Vino Guingona always by her side, what else can make this charming angel feel so loved, soar and eventually spread her wings?

Indeed, that captivating smile, bubbliness, and adoring presence make such ravishing tots that everlasting sunshine, not only to their parents and families, but also for all those who see and encounter them. Truly, one adorable key to a Magandang Buhay!

Catch more of this cuteness overload on Magandang Buhay weekday mornings after Umagang Kay Ganda!