Zaijian Jaranilla shares love hugots

The child wonder we all loved as Santino in May Bukas Pa has grown into a fine young man, now with precious love wisdom to share. Watch Zaijian Jaranilla get real with his love ‘hugots’ as he takes on the “Susuko o Lalaban” Challenge.

Kapamilya Chat gave Zaijian different love and relationship situations and he would decide which ones are worth holding on or letting go. The first question was about having a partner who forbids you from doing some things. Instead of taking it as a sign of being controlling, Zaijian thought it’s a harmless behavior that can be solved through honest communication. You just have to tell the other person how you feel about it and find a compromise.

On the other hand, he would let go of a partner who’s not keen on changing for the better, but just after giving her a chance to prove herself. “Kung kinausap mo na siya pero hindi siya magbabago, toxic pa rin siya, sukuan mo na. Kung alam mo naman sa sarili mo na hindi mo deserve, bakit ka pa magse-stay sa tao na ‘yun kahit mahal mo?”

For the teen actor, lack of time is a case-to-case basis. He would consider holding on if there’s a valid reason behind, otherwise he would raise the white flag. “Kung hindi mo na siya nakakausap pero kung ano-ano lang naman ginagawa niya, sukuan mo na. Mafe-feel mo naman kung cold na siya sa’yo. So bakita ka pa magse-stay?”

The former child star said people’s opinion won’t convince him to let go of someone he deeply loves. On the other hand, one thing that would make him give up is one-sided love. “Bakit mo ibibigay ‘yung pagmamahal mo sa isang tao kung hindi naman pala niya kayang ibalik?”

The next love problem is about broken promises. For Zaijian, he would give the other person a chance to make it up. After all, nobody is perfect. “Hindi naman lahat ng pangako natutupad. Kung healthy pa naman ‘yung relationship, ilalaban ko.”

Asked his thoughts about dishonesty in a relationship, Zaijian said it would be enough of a reason to let go. “Gusto ko kasi honest lagi, ayoko ng nagsisinungaling. ‘Pag nagsinungaling ka, ano pang sense ng relasyon ninyo? Baka pati feelings mo hindi na totoo.” 

Zaijian impressed us with his maturity by answering the next question, “Paano kung hindi na masaya ang relasyon ninyo, susuko o lalaban?” At 19, he already understands that a relationship isn’t all about the happy times but is measured by the amount of love and effort to make it work.

“Lalaban pa rin kasi hindi naman laging masaya. May mga times na ups and downs. Basta dapat kung may problema, pag-usapan. Basta mahal n’yo ang isa’t isa.”

Check out Zaijian’s love ‘hugots’ in this video!