Miles Ocampo tips IG feed & OOTD shots

Check out Miles Ocampo’s Instagram feed and you’ll spot elements that every aesthetic-loving millennial will love – from film photos to artsy fillers, shy girl poses, and neutral tones. If you want to achieve this kind of minimalistic theme for your IG space, listen up to Miles’ super useful tips!

But first things first, it kinda takes effort. If you noticed that Miles' profile has a consistent palette, it’s because she faithfully edits her photos. More than keeping the grid’s vibe, photo editing is her form of therapy. But what if the photo doesn’t match the theme? “Sa IG story na lang,” she said, laughing.

Miles isn’t one to load up on selfies, and to keep the balance, she uses fillers.  Among her favorites are aesthetic snaps of coffee, flowers, and the sky.  

On taking OOTD shots, Miles swears by the prettifying powers of natural light. “’Pag nasinagaan ka ng araw, halimbawa nasa kotse ka o nasa daan, ‘pag sumikat ang araw, selfie agad! Kahit haggard o stressed ka, perfect yon for the feed!” Hence, she rarely takes photos at night.

When it comes to OOTD poses, highlight your assets or you may want to cover up your least favorite parts of the body. Miles wears pants most of the time to hide her legs. When wearing dresses, she makes sure the photo is taken with a wide angle.

If you want to maintain a color palette, you may also consider buying clothes that match the feed’s color.  

Michelle Vito, Miles’ good friend and co-star in a recent MMK episode, also shared her tips for taking double-tap-worthy OOTDs, beginning with knowing your best angle. Then, find a dependable buddy who has the talent and patience to put up with your demanding dream of getting that perfect, Instagrammable shot. For Michelle, her mom is her number one IG photographer.

Miles butted in, “Kapag hanggang lima o sampung pictures ka lang, friendship over! Kasi sa 200 photos, 50 lang ‘yung okay, so dapat may choices.”

Miles, who took photography classes, used to bring a camera everytime. But since the pandemic, she opted to bring less when going out and just rely on her cell phone. She luckily discovered a steady camera that’s both handy and reliable.

Copy these photography tips from Miles aka IG’s Ms. Memory Hoarder!