Maris Racal slays Gay Lingo Challenge

Maris Racal sure knows how to speak to her audience especially the LGBT Community. In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, social media’s Meme Queen takes on a fun “Gay Lingo” Challenge.

During her promo for MMK “Finding Papa” with Cris Villanueva, Maris gamely played this fun challenge wherein she’s asked to define common and uncommon ‘bekimon’ terms.

The first one was awra, which she correctly defined as to project. On to the next items, jubis means fat and warla means fight derived from the root word, war. In gay lexicon, crayola is a mutation of cry and shala refers to the high-class or sosy. Maris failed to get the correct answer for otoko which refers to a guy.

Here goes the difficult round. Maris interpreted backstreet boys as a group of gays, taking it from back, altered into baks, which means gay. The correct answer is cute guys at the back. In the gay code, washington dc isn’t a place but a term meaning none as the first syllable ‘wa’ is the shortened word for wala.

Maris didn’t get it right for sudems meaning never. She forgot what julie andrews means, so Cris chimed in and answered nahuli or caught.

Flex your gay lingo muscles with Maris via this fun challenge!

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