Kiko Estrada Yes or No Challenge

Kiko Estrada, who recently starred in Maalaala Mo Kaya “My Dream Groom,” dropped by Kapamilya Chat to share fun facts about himself by playing Yes or No Challenge.

The host would give random scenarios and, as the title of the game suggests, Kiko would only have to answer ‘yes’ if he experienced the situation, otherwise ‘no.’

He said he has never cried over his own acting performance because, interestingly, he doesn’t like watching himself on TV. “Naco-conscious ako. Nagiging critical ako sa sarili ko, so parang mas okay na siguro na huwag na. Pero siyempre, papanoorin ko paunti-unti, titingnan ko kung maganda anggulo ko,” he admitted. He’d rather watch the playback after every take to fix his errors if there are any.

Reliable in any role, he’s never experienced having ten takes for a single scene. But for him, retakes are just normal as long as the scene is perfected in the end. “Kahit naman makaraming takes ka, it’s fine. Depende lang ‘yung sa sitwasyon. If you took ten takes, pero nakuha mo naman ‘yung pinakamaganda, that’s still good for me.”

The actor makes sure to practice good hygiene. This means he never tried using the same underwear for three days straight. He slept naked once but usually he’s wearing boxer shorts.

Admittedly, Kiko once searched himself up on Google. That was after a friend told him the internet got his age info wrong.

One question prompted him to look back on his most embarrassing moment. During high school graduation, his classmates poked fun at him when the teacher announced his incredibly long name. Read: Jason Joseph Francis Carlos Diaz Ejercito.

He further revealed that he takes out food from parties if the host gives it voluntarily and takes home hotel items like toothbrushes and slippers. Not a fan of any form of gambling, he never tried the lottery. 

Being a celebrity, Kiko learned to manage his social media usage to protect himself and his peace of mind. He avoids checking out messages from strangers. This means he never encountered and blocked netizens with indecent proposals. “’Di ba sa Instagram, pag friends mo lang ‘yung pwede mong makita ‘yung message? I don’t bother looking at others’ kasi it’s just toxic and useless, waste of time,” he explained. 

Play the video and get to know Kiko more!