Kapamilya Confessions: Rita Avila and Paulo Angeles admit awkwardness in playing lovers on MMK

Stars of Maalaala Mo Kaya episode “Prologue of Love”, which is the first of a two-part story, Rita Avila and Paulo Angeles answered netizen questions and shared their experiences with working together onscreen.

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They first took on the “Susuko o Lalaban” challenge wherein they had to choose to “give up” or “fight for it” in certain situations. The first situation given was that their partner always restricts them from the things they do. Rita answered immediately that she will give up while Paulo said that it actually depends on the situation. Next, they were asked if they would give up or fight for the relationship if their partner could not change their troublesome attitude. Paulo said he would give up while Rita said she would fight for her partner because she would have accepted him for who he is out of true love.

The next situation was that their partner would not have time for them anymore. Both quickly answered ‘susuko.’ They were then asked what they would do if the people around them disapprove their relationship. Both then answered “lalaban.” The next situation was that their partner is not good for them anymore. Both had the same answer again which was to give up the relationship. Rita added that it is a must that relationships must grow. The next scenario was that the promises of their partner are always broken. Both then answered “susuko” again. Lastly, they were asked what they’d do if they are not happy in the relationship anymore. Again, Rita and Paulo answered they would give up the relationship.

Answering netizen questions, they were first asked what made them decide to accept their roles of May-December lovers on MMK. Rita said that it has always been an honor to work for an MMK project. On the other hand, Paulo said that he was excited to appear on MMK again after his last portrayal on the drama anthology around three years ago. He added that he accepted the project because he knew he would be working with Rita again after Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi in 2018.

On the question if they felt awkward doing the love scenes in the episode, and the two admitted it did because in their previous roles on Araw Gab, they played mother and son. About the adjustments they did while working on the project. Rita said they were only few, adding that because of the situation, she and Paulo did not really have very intimate scenes. Paulo, on the other hand, admitted that he always gets nervous during work but with the help of the director and Rita herself, he was able to overcome it.

In connection to the theme their MMK episode, they were asked if they believe that age doesn’t matter when it comes to love. Both said yes. Rita said what's important is the love that you have for that person and how compatible you are with your partner. Paulo said that age really doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy and as long the two of you help each other. 

The secret in making the relationship last? Rita said two people in a relationship should know how to grow from just falling in love to loving truly. She added that they should eventually learn how to deal with the problems that may come their way. Paulo would then agree with her. When asked about their thoughts on people who continue to judge the relationships of others, Paulo said he really does not care about what other people say, especially they don’t have anything to do with it. Rita, on the other hand, said that for the young ones, it’s better if they would listen to their parents or to the people who might know better than them. But for people who can decide for themselves already, Rita said that they should go for it if they really love the person. 

They were then asked about how they overcome their fears and anxieties. Rita said that she prays and goes to her loved ones who support her. Paulo also said the same thing and added that he tries to divert his attention to other things. 

For the last question, they were asked about their thoughts on love after doing the MMK project. Rita said that it is really difficult learning how to love, but it’s the most beautiful thing one can ever do. 

Don’t forget to watch their portrayal of a couple with 16-year age gap in the part 2 of MMK “Prologue of Love,” directed by Raz Dela Torre, airing on April 17 on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, and iWantTFC.