Kapamilya Confessions: Cris Villanueva says he is “never guilty” of keeping secrets from wife, “guilty” of spoiling kids

In Maalaala Mo Kaya’s first episode of its two-part father’s day special “Flyers,” Cris Villanueva and Maris Racal led the cast of the inspiring father and daughter story. Their journey revolved around the search of Jai (Maris) for his father Jericho (Cris) who abandoned her when she was still young. And Jai was able to find his father, although she wasn’t expecting to witness the terrible situation he’s in. Despite this, Jai’s love for her father did not change.

In this episode of Kapamilya Confessions, Cris first played the “Guilty or Not Guilty” game wherein he was asked if he experienced arriving late on the set. Cris shared that he wasn’t able to go to the taping on time because he attended a birthday party of one of their colleagues. Next he was asked if he ever bought something really expensive without telling his wife and Cris said he’s not guilty of that because he doesn’t keep secrets from her.

Next question was if he ever got mad at a co-actor. Cris also said he’s not guilty of it because he tries his best to understand everyone he works with. Cris was then asked what he prefers more between being surprised and being the one gives surprises. The Kapamilya actor said he loves to surprise someone more because he doesn’t know how to react if someone surprises him. When asked if he snores when sleeping, Cris said he’s very guilty of it especially when he’s tired. In terms of using social media, he said that he sometimes checks updates from his friends so he’s guilty of it.

Cris was then asked if he’s guilty of spoiling his children and he did not deny it but he said that his kids are just good at making “lambing” or showing affection. As for getting lazy in answering phone calls and replying to text messages, Cris said he’s guilty of it because his mind is usually occupied with something else. The last question was if he ever forgot his wedding anniversary or his children’s birthdays, and Cris said just the thought of it scares him already but he said he’s never done it.

He then moved on to answer the questions from his fans. He was first asked the best thing about being a father. Cris said that it’s always the good night kisses and hugs from his children that are the best. He added that he appreciates it whenever his children open up their problems to him.

Cris was also asked how it was like working with Maris. And he said that what he likes about her is that she’s very generous in adjusting to her co-actor’s style. Cris also said that they share a good give and take relationship when they portray their roles. The talented actor was also asked what he learned from his portrayal in this MMK episode. His realization was that parents should really make sure to spend time with their kids because their absence could really affect their children’s morale and confidence.

When asked what his most favorite character that he portrayed from his past projects, Cris said it’s his role as Rocco Amarillo from the remake of Mula Sa Puso because he said it was a very generous character. There he worked with JM de Guzman and Dawn Zulueta, to name a few. Another fan then asked how he overcame camera fright and Cris said that he just told himself he wouldn’t get anywhere in life if he becomes afraid of the camera. He also advised all the aspiring actors that they should not be afraid to commit mistakes because it could even add beauty to the character they are portraying.

Cris also shared his humble beginnings before he became a veteran actor. He started joining the showbiz industry as young as 14. He appeared in commercials until he landed TV and movie roles. He said he even became a radio voice talent. And then the big break was given to him when he was asked to join an afternoon show.

Cris then shared that he also hopped into the trend of making TikTok videos because of Heaven Peralejo’s (his co-actor in Bagong Umaga influence.

Watch the second part of MMK Father’s Day special starring Cris Villanueva and Maris Racal and directed by Jerome Pobocan on June 19 at 9 pm on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.