Joshua Garcia grateful for MMK “Life Sketch” co-stars Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino, enjoyed ‘new normal’ taping

Dreams are possible, but not without a plethora of problems that will test how determined you are to get what you want to achieve. This harsh yet inspiring reality is highlighted in the December 12 offering of Maalaala Mo Kaya titled “Life Sketch” headlined by Kapamilya actor Joshua Garcia.

The episode centers on Maro, a fisherman’s son who never ceased to earn his diploma without fear despite the sea of challenges trying to drown his dreams. Maro kept his goals sketched in a notebook and eventually turned them into reality.  

Joshua is all praises for Maro’s perseverance. What we’re about to see in the story may be quite toned down compared to the real intensity of Maro’s ordeals, it’s nonetheless full of gripping, heart-wrenching moments. Joshua can relate to Maro’s closeness with his father since he’s also blessed with a loving dad who is very supportive of his dreams. 

This marks Joshua’s TV comeback after the pandemic halted media productions last March. The ‘new normal’ setup was all new to him but thanks to his senior co-stars, Nonie Buencamino and Shamaine Buencamino, portraying his onscreen parents, he was able to easily cope with the changes. He is grateful for having his co-stars’ generosity and guidance, besides that of their director. 

For Joshua, these changes even happened for the better. Taping days are now strictly limited to a 12-hour working period which means enough rest time for the actors and the production team.

Unlike his previous portrayals for MMK such as the highly-applauded “Medalya” episode, “Life Sketch” brings a different kind of pressure knowing ABS-CBN is still getting back up from the crises it faced this year. The brilliant young actor hopes viewers will find time to watch the episode even on digital screens because, as he promises, this newest MMK masterpiece will deliver inspiration and fan every dreamer’s grit. 

The story reminded him of not giving up however stagnant and impossible the situation may seem. And he hopes the audiences will also reap the same lessons by watching MMK “Life Sketch” this December 12.