Jenny Miller and Meg Imperial introduce their fur babies, share pet parenting tips

Here in Kapamilya Chat, we love getting introduced to our favorite celebrities’ fur babies. In this episode, it’s Meg Imperial and Jenny Miller’s time to show off their pets and share how they keep them healthy and happy.

Meg’s little furball, the 8-month-old apricot poodle named Scotch, loves the camera and would keep on climbing up her chair during the interview. “Sobrang epal talaga,” quipped Meg, adding that poodles are just naturally playful. Joining Scotch is the 2-year-old Shih Tzu Whiskey, who already survived food poisoning and an operation. And, yup, their names clue us in on Meg’s favorite cocktails.

Pet parenting isn’t just about the cuddles and cuteness overload but it also involves responsibility akin to caring for a real child, meaning you have to meet their individual needs. Know what’s best for them. For instance, Meg feeds Scotch more than Whiskey because the former gains weight easily. She also had to look for a brand of feed that suits them while considering her budget.

Unlike other pet parents, Meg isn’t that strict with bath schedule and brushing the coat since she depends on Scotch and Whiskey’s mood. She simply wipes them with paw cleaner after a walk outside and on days they don’t like being touched. She also bought them perfume and powder and, of course, doesn’t forget to brush their teeth.

To those planning to adopt a dog, Meg’s advice is to start with just one, preferably a Shih Tzu.

Jenny previously had dogs as well, but when she decided to live alone without household help, she opted for a cat since they are easier to maintain. Cats are adorably cute yet fiercely independent.  Jenny was warned about cat hair causing asthma but, so far, she hasn’t had any allergic triggers with her cat. The truth is her cat became her happy pill after a breakup and now all they need is each other, “Sobrang sweet niya, siya ‘yung nagtatanggal ng stress ko. Ang sweet, ginigising ako. Masarap na may alaga pala.”

Get your dose of cuteness overload when you play the video!

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