Kapamilya Chat Yes or No Challenge w/JM

This “Yes or No” Challenge revealed the most ordinary things JM de Guzman does!

In the game, Kapamilya Chat mentioned specific scenarios and JM would tell whether or not he experienced them. First, he said he’s guilty of searching his name on Google to check out press releases about his projects.

Like us ordinary people, he had an embarrassing moment in public. His happened during a mall show, “Kumakanta ako tapos nag-black out ako. Hindi ko alam ‘yung next line ng kanta. Nanahimik lang ako sa stage tapos nag-walk out ako.”

He answered “no” on wearing the same underwear for three consecutive days but sometimes he’s forced to repeat the same underwear just overnight during his military training.

Since he’s living solo, he’s comfortable sleeping naked.

He has never tried the lottery for this very relatable reason: “Ayaw ko sa pila.” He also doesn’t take home food from parties. Instead of blocking people with indecent proposals on social media, he simply ignores them.

You’ve probably cried over JM’s acting performances at least once, but the actor himself said he finds it difficult to cry while watching his own scenes. “Natatawa ako sa mukha ko, eh,” he joked.

Check out JM’s “Yes or No Challenge” in this video!