Get to know Maja Salvador in this Yes or No Challenge

Sometimes it only takes a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to get to know a person better. In this game, we’re digging deeper into Maja Salvador’s quirks and psyche as she either confirms or denies each given statement. Kicking off the game was the question, “Naranasan mo na bang hindi magpalit ng underwear for two days?”  The beautiful actress said ‘no.’ Although, there are days when taking a shower becomes a struggle so real, and even Maja is guilty of this.

The Revenge Drama Queen has not yet fallen in love with a guy five years older or younger than her. “Parang 2-3 years lang lagi, nagkakataon lang,” she explained.

“Naka-more than ten takes ka na ba sa taping?”  Maja’s answer was ‘yes,’ especially when everyone on the set are holding their laughter. She last experienced this on the taping of The Killer Bride with her ‘makukulit’ co-stars Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador.

Maja doesn’t sleep naked. “Kasi malamigin ako. Kahit walang aircon kaya ko matulog nang naka-taklob.” Her fans could attest to this.

Even ‘the’ Maja Salvador gets starstruck as well and she isn’t shy to ask for a photo opportunity. Her most recent fangirl moment was seeing Maymay Entrata after her Pinoy Big Brother stint. “Hindi ko alam kung matatandaan ‘yun ni Maymay, trade launch tapos nakita ko siya. Sabi ko, ‘Uy! Maymay pa-picture naman.’ Tapos, sabi niya, ‘Hala Ma’am! Hala Ma’am!  Sorry Ma’am!’ Kasi nga aliw na aliw ako sa kanya,” Maja confessed. She also owns up to feeling mesmerized with Maymay’s beauty and confidence. 

As the game went on, Maja revealed that she also tries her luck in the lottery, searches about herself on Google, and takes home dessert from parties. Another fun fact about Maja – she brings home hotel laundry bags and recycles them into shoe bags.

Maja’s remedy for heartache is travelling and not bottles of alcohol. “Kapag broken-hearted ako, hindi ko dinadaan sa inom. ‘Yung lahat ng sakit ife-feel ko lang ng one week tapos the following week, wala, okay na ako. Kailangan kong maramdaman, nagiging honest ako sa sarili ko. Instead na walwal, travel, ‘yung binubuo mo sarili mo” shared Maja. The last time she got drunk was during Wildflower’s thanksgiving party.