Geoff Eigenmann’s ‘new normal’ is all about daddy duties and cooking!

Just because the world stopped, doesn’t mean you have to as well,” muses Geoff Eigenmann as he traces how life’s been since the lockdown was imposed. He believes in silver linings, in making something good out of the situation instead of just idling around.

For Geoff, being stuck at home means 24/7 bonding time with kids and taking the Eigenhouse under his lead. The hands-on dad now likes wearing the chef’s hat. He takes cooking and baking seriously to spoil his growing kids’ appetite and, all the while, learn new skills in the kitchen. His eldest, 2-year-old Arabella, is his biggest food critic and he is doing great, based on how Arabella finishes and enjoys everything he serves.

I like doing things the hard way, ‘yung preparation talaga pinaka gusto ko,” he says on what makes cooking exciting. Just the night before his live Kapamilya Chat interview, Geoff prepared a British dish called “Shepherd’s Pie,” made with a layer of ground beef and vegetables topped with potatoes, and baked in the oven.

Sharing tips on coping with the lockdown, Geoff emphasizes the need to learn something new and educating one’s self about current events. Be mindful of your health as well and do home workouts using household items in lieu of gym equipment.  After all, it takes just a little creativity and resourcefulness to survive.

Geoff as a Dad

Geoff Eigenmann s new normal is all about daddy duties and cooking  1

Now a Dad of two, Geoff admits that his life came full circle.  “My whole perspective of life changed. It’s not just for me anymore. I have to think about them and my fiancée. I come last when it comes to my family. I barely have time for myself. The old life is really much gone,” his confession.

The selflessness and daddy instinct just switched on without him knowing, and they shine brighter in mundane moments like changing diapers at 2:00 in the morning or hushing down the kids when throwing tantrums. Everything is not easy but nothing still compares to the joy that comes from being a parent.

With his kids – 2-year old Arabella and 10-month-old Angus – showing their artista potential by charming us all during the interview, Geoff talks about being a disciplinarian. He admits being the strict one compared to Maya but, as much as possible, he wishes to avoid physical punishment when dealing with Arabella’s misbehaviour. He prefers enlightening her through a serious talk or asking her to face the wall. “Disciplining has to start at an early age. You have to strict kasi lalaban talaga, eh” Geoff asserts, adding that Arabella uses her innate acting skills when trying to get what she wants, “Dinadaan lang kami sa iyak.”

Well, Geoff takes his acting profession to the Eigenhouse, too. “Hindi talaga ako reader but my kids love to hear stories. I try to get into character when reading, nag-iiba din ‘yung boses ko. It’s something I never thought that I would enjoy,” he shares.

While they couldn’t help turning to gadgets at times, Geoff and Maya make sure to limit electronic usage at home and introduce authentic play experience to their kids. Honing the potential is also an integral part of raising children. The couple spotted Arabella’s artistry, so they encourage her to explore with painting. Just a few days ago, little ‘Beannie’ also had fun playing dress up and fashion show with mom. And the proud parents think she’s got the knack for music. Whether Arabella is set to take on her kin’s showbiz legacy must be watched out for. 

How to make sandwich rolls and rice crispies ala Geoff

Spending 24/7 with his kids during this quarantine period has pushed Geoff to unlock a good amount of daddy skills. The hands-on father started to take cooking and baking seriously, so to feed Arabella’s growing appetite and while Angus is learning to consume solid food.

Geoff takes us to his kitchen as he prepares two easy and yummy treats for his kids. The first snack on today’s menu is “Sandwich Rolls.”  In making this simple recipe, you will only need butter, loaf bread, and your favorite spread. There’s no harm in adding other ingredients such as ham or bacon.

<Geoff Eigenmann s new normal is all about daddy duties and cooking  2

Ready? The first step is to take out the crust of the loaf bread. Then, flatten the bread and smear with your preferred ingredient. For Geoff, he uses Arabella’s favorite hazelnut spread. Next, roll the bread and secure the edges using a fork. Put butter on the heated pan, drop the rolls, and wait until they’re golden brown. Voila! Easy snack that would definitely tickle kiddos’ picky taste buds!

Another quick snack on Geoff’s list is “Chocolate Rice Crispies” if you want something crunchier.  The original recipe only requires a bag of crisps bought from the grocery store and marshmallows. Geoff is giving it a little twist since he is only using what’s available in the kitchen. Instead of marshmallows, he goes for condensed milk and cocoa powder.

Geoff Eigenmann s new normal is all about daddy duties and cooking  3

Combine the condensed milk and cocoa powder in a pot and let it simmer for bit. Once thick, take the mixture and pour it over a bowl of crispies. Stir well until the rise crispies is coated with the chocolate mixture. Then, refrigerate for at least ten minutes and then cut in desired shapes.

Geoff Eigenmann s new normal is all about daddy duties and cooking  4

Arabella, the most powerful food critic in the Eigenhouse, arrived in the kitchen on cue. The wide smile of excitement on her face is enough to tell us the verdict!