Hotspot Elisse Joson on motherhood

Elisse Joson talkeds her hectic life as a certified careerwo-mom and a student in the July 21 episode of Hotspot.

In her kumustahan with host DJ Jhai Ho, the talented actress imparted that she’s currently juggling her very jam-packed schedule working, taking good care of her daughter, and studying. Her ardent supporters would know that she used to take up Fashion Design prior to entering showbiz, it occurred to her that even though she loves clothes and is into trendy fashion, her passion wasn’t really there. And at present, she has developed a yearning to learn about how the mind works, so she switched to BS Psychology and attends online classes twice a week.

It may be tough, but she finds it joyful and fulfilling as she’s still able to pursue her dreams, such as to finish college, despite already having a family of her own. Since it’s seemingly rare for celebrities and working moms to do so, DJ Jhai Ho commended her for pursuing her studies.

As she began working again, Elisse makes sure to spend quality time with her and on-and-off-screen partner McCoy De Leon’s daughter Baby Felize, by being hands-on in taking good care of her and playing with her whenever she’s at home. Raising a child may be exhausting sometimes, but Elisse actually doesn’t have a hard time taking care of her since she’s such a well-behaved baby.

When asked what’s the fulfilling part of becoming a mom, the 26-year-old actress enthused that simply gazing at or embracing Baby Felize is already enough to kiss all her negative emotions and thoughts away, as well as to make her feel unconditionally loved. With how motherhood has been rewarding and enjoyable for her, she’s really delighted to be asked about her journey in her recent interviews.

Sobrang proud ako every time na tinatanong ako anything mom-related kasi nae-excite din akong pag-usapan. Siyempre kapag nanay ka, excited kang pag-usapan ‘yong baby mo, ‘yong pagiging nanay. Parang isang karangalan to be a mom, so ako, lagi lang akong proud,” she stated.

While it’s inevitable for her to initially assume that her showbiz career would end upon finding out that she was pregnant, Elisse confessed that she didn’t arrive at the point that she got really scared. She simply put her trust to God that He would not abandon her, so she feels grateful and blessed to be able to comeback and continue her career at present.