Dawn Chang on relationship red flags

When decoding relationship red flags, Dawn Chang believes in both instinct and experience.

In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, we enlist the help of Dawn in weighing in on the possible signs of a cheating partner by discussing different relationship scenarios. The first situation is about a partner who’s very protective of his cell phone. Well it’s no big deal according to Dawn. She personally thinks it’s important to maintain individuality in a relationship.

“I always say this sa mga nagiging partners ko na ‘I will never ever take your individuality from you.’ Kasi ayoko mawala ‘yung individuality ko sa akin, eh. So, kung ayaw ko ‘yun, bakit ko ‘yun gagawin sa iba?” she said.

Dawn further believes that there are conversations and jokes that feel more comfortable when shared with friends than a partner, although she doesn’t mind the other person checking her phone because she has nothing to hide anyway. “Ako naman, kung gusto niya makita, okay lang naman sa akin. Pero ‘yung para maging prerequisite siya, hindi ko kailangan makita ‘yung phone mo. Kasi magkaibang tao pa rin kami at the end of the day.” She also shares her passwords to her partner in case of an emergency.

What if the other person suddenly asks for space? A possible red flag according to Dawn, a sign that your partner might be interested in another person, “Hindi naman kasi talaga madaling sabihin sa partner mo na ‘I’m falling out of love and I’m falling in love with someone else.’ It’s not easy. Alam mong masasaktan ‘yung partner mo at human nature natin na ayaw nating makasakit ng ibang tao kaya ‘yung iba ginagamit na lang ‘yung reason na ‘I need space.’”

In her case, she first examines herself before confronting her partner about it, “Bakit kailangan niya ng space, ano bang ginawa ko? ‘Yun muna, tapos I will discuss with my partner… Baka naman nasasakal siya sa akin? Mapagbawal ba ako sa kanya? ‘Yung individuality niya ba nawawala na?”

Next scenario is about lovers who don’t go to bed at the same time For Dawn, there may be other reasons behind like busy schedule, although it’s a different thing when the other person has the time but still chooses to act distant.

On becoming unreliable, Dawn looks into two possible scenarios. It could be that the guy is just naturally unreliable or, yes, he might be cheating, “Kasi ‘pag nag-che-cheat ang isang tao, pwedeng mawawalan na siya ng pakialam sa’yo in general.”

Red flags could sometimes be difficult to decode. It could be confusing. But there’s one thing that Dawn relies on when dealing with the signs--her instinct. “Ilang beses ko nang na-prove sa sarili ko at saka malakas ako magbasa ng energy. Alam ko kapag ‘yung tao may something sa akin. Alam ko ‘pag ‘yung tao may gusto sa akin at alam ko ‘pag ‘yung tao ay ayaw sa akin. Hindi siguro nila alam pero they secrete energies. Alam na alam ko ‘pag nagsisinungaling o plastic ang isang tao.”

Maybe detecting the signs could actually be scientific, for instance, body language can indicate a person’s motive. What do you think, Kapamilya? Join Dawn in this meaty discussion about relationship and red flags!