Christian Bables wishes for a grand drama project with Diamond Star Maricel Soriano

Kapamilya actor Christian Bables wows us in every way, from his award-winning acting, to his amusing performances on Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 and his smoking dance moves on ASAP Natin ‘To. Get to know him better in this Kapamilya Confessions video!

Christian knows how draining the pandemic situation can be so he entertains netizens with a “Guilty or Not Guilty Challenge” before answering some of their burning questions. Through the fun challenge, he admits some facts about him that many people may relate to. The multi-talented star has experienced staying up all night just to binge-watch a series, especially if it’s a Korean drama he loves. When he watched the romantic drama “Goblin,” he didn’t sleep a wink until he finished the whole series. He also revealed that even if he can’t finish three servings of rice in one go, he’s the type of person who could eat three or more helpings of pasta. As for some juicy confessions, he admits that he has unfollowed a couple of people on his social media accounts because he’s not fond of the things they post. 

When it comes to his fame, he likes to stay humble. He prefers to call his fans “supporters” instead and considers all of them as friends. In fact, the president of his group of supporters became one of his very best friends. Although, when it comes to bashers, he would never tolerate it and would sometimes answer them if they go out of line.

Christian shared some work-related tidbits too such as he has never been late when it comes to work since he likes to remain professional at all times. But when it comes to contacting him, calling would be the best way to reach him. Being a busy person who also handles a business on the side, he has about 10,000+ unread messages on his phone that he can’t always reply to immediately.

After the “Guilty or Not Guilty Challenge”, Christian accepted some questions from excited netizens. Without a doubt, they were all curious about his latest gay role “Iron” on the Maalaala Mo Kaya episode “Serendipity” with JC de Vera.

The first question asked was how this MMK role was different from Christian’s previous gay characters. The actor didn’t want to spoil too much of the story so he only said that his character Iron falls in love with another person in the LGBTQ+ community, but they are not in the same spectrum. He is also confident that his character portrays a good representation of the community.

Christian also saw something in Iron that made him connect to the character on a deeper level. ”Doon sa mismong character, si Iron, I think ‘yung common denominator namin ay ‘yong tindi magmahal. Doon ako bumangko kaya ko siya nagawa nang okay. Parehas kami sa aspetong ‘yun eh… ‘Pag nag-love ako, all out,” he said.

Working with JC de Vera for the first time is a blessed experience for him as well. He admires his past works and couldn't help but commend him as an actor, “I am amazed sa kanyang professionalism, sa kanyang work ethics, at sa binibigay niya as an actor. Galing.”

His role as Iron is also one of his favorite portrayals along with his breakout role as Barbs on “Die Beautiful” and Samuel Panti on “Panti Sisters.” His preparation for such challenging roles is a thorough process. When he first accepted a gay role, he went on a deep dive understanding the sentiments of the LGBTQ+ community, memorizing their nuances, and getting the characterizations right. Along the way, he continues to adjust to the roles and makes sure to always study the script and characters given to him.

For netizens that are part of the LGBTQ+ community that are afraid to come out, he advises them to take their time and not put any pressure on themselves. He adds that nobody else but them has control on what they should do. He himself learned it the hard way as his biggest challenge growing up was to stop catering to the standards that society put on him.

Looking towards the future, Christian hopes to do more meaningful projects with powerful messages. One of his dream roles is to play a suicide bomber in a film. As for veteran artists he wishes to work with, he immediately answered the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano. Aside from being a live witness to the actress’ talent, he would be willing to take one of her iconic slaps to the face.

Watch the Kapamilya Confessions video and hear answers from rising star Christian Bables himself!