Charlie Dizon Kiko Estrada Hotspot MMK

Fans of Charlie Dizon and Kiko Estrada are surely delighted to find out that they will topbill the upcoming Maalaala Mo Kaya episode this coming Saturday, April 23, wherein they are going to play a couple challenged by the pandemic.

And prior to making us kilig with their first-ever team-up, the two graced the latest episode of Hotspot on April 21, Thursday, to talk about #MMKMyDreamGroom and take on the “Emoji Challenge”.

According to them, this will revolve round the love story of Raquel and Ralph who’s able to prove that forever is indeed possible once you’ve found your true love and soulmate.

With regards to the preparations they did for their respective roles, Charlie disclosed that she actually had a hard time letting go of her Viral Scandal character Rica Sicat since she just finished taping for the series. Thus, she and Direk Froy Allan Leonardo, who’s also one of the directors of the said series, made a conscious effort not to talk about it anymore in order to help her focus in this new role. The production team assisted them, as well, by sending materials that could help them in their portrayals and conducting script-reading sessions. Besides, her leading man was easy to work with, so it didn’t take much time for them to jive.

Kiko echoed this by imparting that they were also able to talk with the mom of one of the letter senders, which greatly helped them in further knowing them. Even though this is their first time working together, he told DJ Jhai Ho how much he enjoyed being with Charlie as difficult scenes became easy, while easy scenes turned hard. He also recalled some of the memorable scenes they did and even relayed that although his character is far from who he really is in real life, he’s still able to relate since the letter senders were from Tiaong, Quezon and their family has a farm there, too.

Charlie, on the other hand, confessed that was initially nervous prior to their shoot, but that instantly eased up during their look test, wherein he jestingly hit her over a joke and started talking about their common friends. They may not be able to talk much about work, but she didn’t fret since both of them knew what they should do.

When asked by host DJ Jhai Ho if they think it’s possible for them to find true love online or through dating apps, Charlie said that although she hasn’t tried it yet, the story of Raquel and Ralph made her realize that it’s still possible, even a long-distance relationship. Kiko, meanwhile, commented that anyone doesn’t have the right to judge people who found the love of their loves online since it really happens in the real world. He added that this episode gave him a new insight on LDR, which he actually considers impossible.

As to how they would describe each other in one word, Kiko uttered “kind” since it was Charlie who first broke the ice between them by dropping a joke. She regarded him as “kind,” too, adding that he’s polite, gentleman, open-minded, and collaborative.

Catch Charlie and Kiko this coming Saturday, April 23, on Maalaala Mo Kaya’s #MMKMyDreamGroom episode on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, TV5, and iWantTFC.