Arjo Atayde demonstrates an easy-to-make sandwich recipe in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

When you have a mom and two sisters who all love to wear the chef’s hat at home, you are always treated to homemade goodies and hearty dishes. Arjo Atayde, the eldest in a brood of four, can relate to this love-filled scenario. 

Arjo shared that his mom and sisters love to spend their weekends in the kitchen. And the boys – him, his dad, and younger brother – are the resident taste testers. But in search of new interests during the pandemic, he eventually learned to cook as well, one dish per category.

For snacks, he has this experimental sandwich recipe to talk big about. It’s a healthy treat he learned from a friend back in high school. 

“Na-discover ko ‘to through a friend. Ginagawa niya ‘tong baon everyday tapos ako nagnanakaw ng sandwich niya sa school hanggang sa natutunan ko siya gawin. So, I’ve been doing it since high school,” shared Arjo.

The sandwich will remind you of kani-mango salad because of its ingredients. You will need your of choice bread, lettuce, kani (thinly sliced), ripe mango (thinly sliced), and Japanese mayonnaise. 

Start the magic just as how you would make an ordinary sandwich. Spread the Japanese mayo on a slice of bread, then, add the lettuce. Top it off with the kani followed by the mangoes. Lastly, cover with another slice of bread.

Arjo swears by the delightful taste of this sandwich. He even loves to bring some on the set and everyone would automatically fall in love at first bite!