Alexa Yves Kira Susuko o Lalaban

Kapamilya stars Alexa Ilacad, Yves Flores, and Kira Balinger served us major ‘hugots’ – perfect for your next socmed status – while taking on Kapamilya Chat’s “Susuko o Lalaban” Challenge.

The trio will be given different love scenarios and decide which ones are worth holding on or letting go. The first question was about dealing with a controlling partner. For Alexa, Yves, and Kira, it looks like a major red flag.

Alexa spoke from experience, “Naranasan ko na ‘yan. Pinaglaban pa, nakakasira ng ulo. So this time, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Unahin n’yo ang mga sarili ninyo. Love yourself the most.” Kira agreed with an “Amen.” The two bonded over love chats during their MMK “Hope in Liberty” lock-in taping.

Kira further related, “Kasi sakal ka na sa normal life tapos sa relasyon, sasakalin ka ulit. No, no, no! Don’t do that! Kasi sa relationship, you’re supposed to make the person feel free. Nasa kanila na kung magloloko sila basta ikaw naging faithful.”

Lack of time might look petty on the surface but it can crystallize into major relationship dilemmas in the long run. Yves and Kira will give the other person a chance to fix the problem, especially if there are valid reasons, otherwise they would drop the relationship. Alexa showcased her inner poet, “Making time is a love language that everyone deserves. If you don’t find time, you make it.”

Wala akong pakialam sa ibang tao Kung makikinig ka sa sasabihin ng iba, hindi ka magiging masaya,” Yves boldly declared about a relationship disapproved by many. After all, people will always have something to say whether you do good or bad.

Kira would rather enjoy the moment as well and turn a deaf ear. And if the relationship turns out how the world sees it, it’s still her lesson to learn. The same goes for Alexa, who will fight for her love, as long as they’re not hurting anyone. “Bakit mo isa-sacrifice ‘yung opportunity na maging masaya dahil lang sa sasabihin ng iba?”

The girls had intense reactions when told about ‘manipulation’ in a relationship. Kira would let go and use the situation to fuel self-love.

The last scenario was seeing that the other person is not changing for the better. Alexa answered “Susuko”, saying, “Sa relationship, para kayong mga plants. You water each other to grow together.”

She added, “Kung napag-awayan n’yo na a million times tapos hindi pa rin nagbago, then he’s just taking advantage of you, your kindness, and your understanding. Susuko na. I have learned.”

For Yves, males and females have different issues, so ‘growth’ and ‘changing for the better’ would depend on other factors like a person’s habits.

Check out Yves, Alexa, and Kira’s pieces of love advice in this video!