REVIEW: Yves Flores, Elmo Magalona prove dramatic worth as inseparable brothers in MMK “Bahay”

Brotherhood is more than just looking at each other’s welfare, or someone to share the best or worst moments in your life with.

A genuine brother’s love is measured primarily by the amount of sacrifice you are willing to offer, just to ascertain everything will be all right for your sibling, especially one who depends his whole life on you, given his unfortunate condition of disability.

This is what MMK’s unforgettable “Bahay” episode imparted in its re-airing on Saturday, October 25. George (Yves Flores), an in-born paralytic, has long been dependent on his siblings Baning (Elmo Magalona) and Bernadette (Miles Ocampo).  Every day, they would take long walks from home to their school with Baning and Bernadette taking turns in carrying their brother George on their backs, to the ridicule and mockery of their classmates.

Bernadette would soon want to distance herself from her brothers because of this, especially when she had found a new set of friends. This was despite the sterling accomplishment George has attained, having won a school singing contest, proving his worth as an artist despite his disability. Eventually, Bernadette would completely severe her ties with family, running away from home, leaving George to the care of his younger brother Baning. Unlike Bernadette, Baning was a devoted, loving brother to George, whom he never left alone, always carrying him to places they needed to go.



Despite the difficult conditions, they were blissful, with George even winning other contests as Baning supports him silently by his side. Even as Bernadette became pregnant and had to dedicate her time and effort in raising her child, Baning would always be there for George whenever he needs him, showing a rare kind of brotherly love.

When both graduate from high school, the biggest test on Baning’s dedication as a supportive brother to George arose. That is, the choice of their college courses to take—with Baning dead set on taking Criminology, his dream career, and George choosing to take Business Administration, owing to his physical limitations.



Both would initially engage in a bitter dispute over this, but in the end, Baning would relent, and agree to take Business Administration as well to still take care of his brother while they pursue their degrees.
Their being “inseparable brothers,” as they school mates call them, went on, and both George and Baning were happy with the setup. They would go on and courageously finish their degrees together.

But finding a stable job was difficult, and George had to rely on occasional gigs as a musician and comic to get by while Baning had been actively finding a job. There came a time when Baning fell sick and George tried to get a remedy one night and tried to go down their house’s flight of stairs before he fell and suffered a wound. Knowing how loving and self-sacrificing Baning has been to him, George will do anything for his brother, even at his own peril.

When Baning finally got a job offer as an equipment and parts distributor that required much time and effort travelling to and from Manila and Albay, he would have less time spending with George, who would most of the time be left alone at home.

In his lonesome, George decided to make a big decision that will change his life forever—accept an offer of a friend, who is set to open a restaurant in Batangas and wants him to manage it.  Baning was livid at George’s utter disregard of his own well-being, planning to live and work far away from his family without anyone taking care of him. But George was insistent, and Baning had no other choice but to look after his brother as well as he tries to make a living in Batangas.

And, as they engage in another heated argument, George would bring up the time when Baning had travelled all over the country, forgetting him.  This infuriated Baning, who said, he never forgot George, in fact, what he really did forget ever since was himself, what he wants to do with his life, his dreams and aspirations, all for him.



Left dumbfounded, George would soon decide to just try his best to live on his own, despite the difficulties, move to another faraway place—Siquijor, and allow Baning to live his own life, reach for his own dreams, and raise his own family.

And even as a paralytic, he would find prosperity as a musician and entertainer, even building a house that he can share with Baning as well, whom he always recognize as a loving brother whatever it takes.

MMKBahay” is truly rousing, as it shows the extent a brother can sacrifice for his flesh and blood, no matter the conditions.

The storytelling was empathic, and the delivery was effective, surely touching the hearts of viewers who witnessed it.

Yves Flores and Elmo Magalona proved their dramatic worth in this MMK outing, as it truly led to superb acting stints on succeeding teleseryes on the Kapamilya network. Miles Ocampo likewise displayed her intense aura and deep thespic arsenal in her performance as well.

Netizens were also thrilled.