REVIEW: Yen, Enzo capture our hearts with thrilling, intense performances in MMK “Posas”

Tales of finding true love abound in numerous narratives we’ve seen or read, and a good number of these stories talk about those who seem hopeless in this search, yet find their forever in the end.

It’s simple, ordinary fare for any romantic seeking that ideal Valentine’s treat.

But what we’ve witnessed on MMK’s “Posas” episode was not certainly not just your typical, run-of-the-mill love story. Not only did it highlight the essence of finding love when hope was lost, but it also executed the narrative in the most exceptional and extraordinary dramatic fashion that brought the best out of the actors.

While Yen Santos and Enzo Pineda proved their onscreen chemistry was electrifying and thrilling, what really stood out was their individual performances that really make viewers feel the longing, the pain, and the ecstasy of finally finding love in its truest form in their characters.

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Yen is Karen, who has long been teased for not having that love life, which her relatives see as common for a woman her age. They fear she might become single all her life, but this lead to an even worse consequence, that she would become desperate in finding this “man of her dreams.”

She would have many prospects and would get frustrated, leaving her traumatized and in deep pain, thus becoming downright pessimistic in dealing with men.

This was until she agreed to work for their municipality in Isabela, wherein she would meet Jayson (Enzo Pineda), a local policeman, who was immediately smitten on his first sight of Karen. And as Jayson had tried to get close by badgering her with text messages asking she could be his textmate, Karen would reject him and even turn hostile as her distrust towards men in general prevailed.

Eventually, after his persistence paid off, they indeed became textmates only for Karen to discover that Jayson had other female textmates as well and this raised suspicions on his sincerity. But Karen would get to realize his genuine feelings towards her, and accepted his courtship. However, she still was wary about what would come out of it, given how her past prospects in love failed her. 

As she remained hardened and stiff towards Jayson, he pleaded her to open her heart and let him prove his love. Her heart would indeed soften up after her parents urged her to fight for her love if she knows and feels it is true. She would race to the police station upon learning that Jayson would be reassigned elsewhere. Realizing that she let go of another chance at love, Karen would weep and break down. It was at this moment when Jayson suddenly reappeared and comforted her, telling her how much he truly loved her. Karen would tell him the same, and they were finally in a relationship.

And in one touching, captivating scene, Jayson would propose to Karen, placing his handcuffs on his and Karen’s wrists, popping the question. She said yes.

But soon Karen would still find amorous messages from Jayson’s other female textmate, and this infuriated her. He would then catch the textmate with Jayson, with him begging that woman to leave her alone since he already was engaged to Karen. But the sight incensed Karen even more, as it showed Jayson had still been communicating with another woman all along.  Karen would scream at Jayson for making her a fool with his unfaithfulness, and rush away in anger despite pleas from Jayson to hear him out.

By nighttime, as heavy rains poured, Jayson stood by Karen’s house to wait for her. When she arrived, Jayson asked again her again to hear his side, but Karen said her mind was made up and would call off the wedding.

After Karen entered her home, Jayson felt devastated yet remained standing outside in the pouring rain. Hours passed and Jayson was still outside waiting for Karen, prompting Karen’s parents to speak with her. They would tell her how relationships would really go through hardships and ordeals, and those in such relationships also make mistakes. Facing these difficulties hand-in-hand is what makes relationships stronger. And a good start is forgiveness, they tell her.

Karen would then face Jayson again but asked him to go home. Jayson would still plead Karen for forgiveness, and assured her of his undying love. Karen tells him that she was so afraid losing him, and that she also loves him very much.

Their enchanting church wedding would then push through, and the true love that was thought to be elusive, is now forever in their hearts.

In this episode, Yen further proved her powerful ability to internalize and personify her character and deeply understand her travails as a real person. We see it in her acting—the sincerity, fullness, and effectivity that really moved viewers to tears.

Enzo has emerged as a dramatic revelation as we see genuineness and truthfulness with his every delivery, carefully uttering the right words with the perfect, appropriate, intense emotion tied to it. His handcuff proposal and the climactic encounter with Yen in the pouring rain professing his love are quite unforgettable and indelible to the minds of anyone who saw the episode.

All-in-all, Elfren Vibar’s direction made the episode as spine-tingling and affectual with its very engaging narrative as viewers get the message of patiently finding their own path to true love.

Viewers were also impressed.