REVIEW: Shaina, JC exceptional as star-crossed lovers in complicated romance on MMK “E-mail”

Missed opportunities always leave us distraught, as they always give us that wasted feeling of what might have been. Not only does it apply to finding success in life, but more importantly in the relationships we hold dear.

On The Best of MMK’s September 5 episode, “E-mail,” we are brought back to the heartwarming and identifiable story of Andrew (JC de Vera), who would realize that taking that chance of expressing what he truly feels should not take even a few seconds late.

Andrew had been so close to his father Roger (Lito Pimentel) growing up that they seemed inseparable, yet after he overhears his mom Lita (Daisy Reyes) castigating him for his infidelity led to an irreparable gap that was further compounded by his father’s stroke, which distanced both even further.

Since then, he would keep his feelings to himself and not become outwardly expressive towards Roger. He would however become more outreaching towards his friends in school, especially a certain girl named Bea (Shaina Magdayao), whom he is deeply in love with. Despite his sincere love for her however, he would always pass that chance to actually tell her how he felt due to his faintheartedness, and her having been involved with several other men.

Yet, when he found out that Roger had been afflicted with cancer, Andrew began making up for the lost time he had with his father. Bea was also a supportive friend, even boosting the morale of the family during the ordeal when she dropped by for a visit. But while she had been very expressive towards Andrew, the same could not be said of him. He still could not tell Bea what’s in his heart.

Time passed and both graduate, pursuing their own careers. Andrew then finds out from his college buddy that Bea was already expecting a child with her college boyfriend, Patrick (Ahron Villena) whom she was to marry.  Andrew was devastated but found solace in his ailing dad, with whom he finally reconciles and opens up to. Roger spent his final days with Andrew on a good note, even exchanging heartwarming e-mails to express how much they love each other.


Four years passed since his father’s death when Andrew received an unexpected email. It’s from Bea, who would plead that they meet soon. When they finally see each other again, Bea revealed her marital troubles, saying she had found out that her husband Patrick was cheating on her, and that she had broken up with him. But they had a son named Kyle.

Andrew was helpful and sympathetic towards Bea, who found comfort in his kind words. They would soon reconnect and continue their wonderful friendship and even become closer. They would soon realize it was now more than friendship, and while Bea tried to deny at first, given the circumstances that she is still a married woman with a son, she would surrender to her feelings that she indeed loves Andrew.

Andrew and Bea would then share a wonderful relationship, as they finally expressed what they truly felt for each other. But it didn’t take long before reality crept in. Matters concerning Bea’s husband and child always remain an issue. While Bea still loved Andrew so much, she remains a dedicated mother to a child whose life is direly affected by her affairs. She thinks that the setup, wherein her son would have two fathers, might be so complicated for the kid to handle that the damage would seem irreversible. 


Because of this, she told Andrew they couldn’t possibly have a family of their own. Andrew first pleaded to Bea not to end their relationship and that he would accept whatever she can’t offer him because he loves her so much. But in the end, Bea would not yield and chose to break ties with Andrew for the sake of her child.

While Andrew was again left brokenhearted, he totally understood Bea and told her that because he loves her so much, he was letting her go. Painful as it seem, Andrew realizes it was for the best of everyone, especially for the woman he truly loves.


MMK’s “E-Mail” episode, originally aired in February 2015, presents refreshing take on a complicated romance, factoring in much profundity in the message it brings. Arah Jell Badayos’s writing was crisp and natural, with the characterizations well developed, owing to the masterful direction of Raz dela Torre.

Shaina Magdayao is at her incredible thespic element, bringing a relatable, organic portrayal of a woman torn between exuberant romance and her proper motherly instincts. JC de Vera became the revelation in his first ever MMK episode at the time, as he showed that heartbreaking charm and exceptional acting chops playing that proverbial hopeless romantic that makes him at par with the best leading men in the business.

Netizens were also impressed.