REVIEW: Markus, Teresa MMK Kotse

This may be taboo for a lot of people, yet when love is pure and genuine, a May-December affair is just like any other romance destined for forever.

In MMK’s “Kotse” episode on February 2, the attraction of Danny (Markus Patterson) to Lorna (Teresa Loyzaga), who is 34 years his senior, could be seen as mind-boggling or even unacceptable, yet nothing else but true love brought them together.

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Events leading to their extraordinary romance were well-depicted and told, showing their connection was organic and genuine, from the time Lorna first met Danny at a concert buying cell phone load from until they became part of a Church-based charity organization.

Lorna then became Danny’s saving grace, as she gave him a job in her family business and also encouraged him to go back to school for a better future. Danny heeded her and life turned for the better, completing an information technology and communications vocational degree, and finding a job.

But as they were seen at Church functions being quite affectionate towards each other, elders in the ministry advised Danny to stay away from Lorna as rumors were circulating about their closeness. It was at this point when Danny decided to indeed move away and began a relationship with a girl his age. It didn’t work out because his girlfriend is miffed with his constant mentioning of Lorna during their conversations. 

After a while, Danny would really distance himself from Lorna after accepting mission work in Siargao and relocate. A few years passed and Lorna surprised Danny with a visit in his Siargao mission. They became closer since then, and could not hide their feelings for each other any longer.

When Danny went back to Manila, he confessed his love for a very shocked Lorna, who would also admit her own love for the young lad despite trying her best to restrain her feelings given their age gap. They would make their relationship a secret until Danny told her he was sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Lorna. While in Lorna’s car, Danny drew an engagement ring in his yellow pad and showed it to Lorna, asking if she could marry him. Despite Lorna’s initial apprehensions about the reaction of their respective families, she would eventually give in and say yes.

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When Danny and Lorna revealed their marriage plans, their families were particularly upset, primarily because of their age gap. Danny’s parents thought she was too old to even take care of him for a long time. Lorna’s kids considered Danny as a brash youngster with ill intentions. But both fought for their love and tied the knot.

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As a married couple, the issue about their age gap remained as it became a constant topic during squabbles, especially when Lorna was embarrassed when people around them think she is Danny’s mother. Their financial struggles were also a problem, just like any newly married couple.

But they would learn and commit in the end to just focus on loving each other as husband and wife, and not mind what people think about them, as long as they know what they feel for each other is true, unconditional, and genuine.

Danny would then advance his career as an ICT professional, and would eventually make their life more comfortable with a new house, and moreso, earn the respect of Lorna’s six children.

Storytelling was a strong point in the episode, with a well-written script that was neither too heavy or too light—something that viewers can easily comprehend, digest, and relate to.  High marks are also given to exceptional camera work and editing.

Markus Patterson is a revelation in the episode, his first major TV drama lead role, showing credible and believable emotion in churning out his character—a good prospect for more dramatic outings in the future. And, of course, veteran actress Teresa Loyzaga embodies the reticent and guarded role in the truest form—from mannerisms to the tone of her voice—proving her exceptional and versatile acting.

Their individual performances, and their resulting onscreen chemistry, gave justice to the letter senders’ story, which truly connected to the viewers.

Netizens were also enthralled with many life lessons.